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  1. I would love one as well and where I can find the mp3 for it...first time trying to do this...Thank you .. erinshaneb@hotmail.com
  2. Okay i did all this and it worked !!! YAY ! Thank you !! ! Now how do i get it on my SD card? Simple show builder ?
  3. Thank you PhilMassey, That points me in the right direction !!
  4. erinshaneb

    Now What ?!!?

    I am soooo frustrated..can't get software on my MAC, my old computer is to old and won't work, trying my daughters, but it was just a cheapy one we got for her look up things for school...Now I am trying to work on that...First it tells me LOR can't find the .msi to install it ? Then it tells me Directx (??) doesn't work, but I think I have that FINALLY worked out.. I have sequences and MP3 for them..so now what ?? Where do I put them together or ?? If you have premade sequences and mp3 (they are in separate files) what do you do?!??!!
  5. No I haven't run my music through audacity...what is that ? sigh..this is soo much harder than I thought ! I have downloaded some from a sight that had them for free....once I figured it out I was going to purchase some that came with music... I think I am in over my head here !
  6. I FINALLY got everything loaded into my old computer and have figured out the Simple Show program and all that..heres' the next question...How do I get sequences I bought into that to add to my SD Card? I have a few that I have downloaded and have NO idea how to move them or where, right now they are siting in "Downloads"..thank you
  7. Thank you.. we do have the mini director that came with our controller...I'll have to figure out how to download the software with my MAC..
  8. We have a 16 bit controller and bought it two years ago...Every year I say I am going to learn how to sequence them, but here we are on year three and still newbies...I have a MAC and have found sequences online, but I don't know how to get them to our controller..I have an SD card slot on my computer, can I just copy them to the SD card and the controller will know what to do or is there some program I need to load them into before putting them on there? Any input would be great ! Thank you
  9. We used the music that came with the controller last year...We want to do out own music this year, but not sure where to start...I see where I can get sequences already made, which I don't mind using, but I assume I have to purchase the music to go with it..once I do that how do I combine them ? I have do everything on my MAC, but have read I need to fire up my old Dell to work it...Can I download all of the sequences into some program and then add the music to the SD card to go into the controller or?? I really have no idea where to start...thank you !
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