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  1. in trying to get a booted cable into a gen 2 controller's socket, the socket tilted up, and now the controller can't be recognized in the hardware utility using that socket. I'll never try another booted cable again! Second socket still works - but have to use box as the last controller on the line. Any suggestion (or instruction link) on how to repair the loose socket? i
  2. May not be an S5 question specifically: I've defined multiple props, ("Add Item"), selected "Traditional", set type to "Channel per color", and clicked red and white (so one prop has a channel for red and a second channel for white). For multiple props like this, i'd like a grid view that lets me see a channel order like Prop 1 red, Prop 2 red, Prop 3 red . . . followed by channel order like Prop 1 white, Prop 2 white, Prop 3 white . . . Without knowing the precise term, conceptually I'd like to "ungroup" my props. Is this possible?
  3. so, not answering all 4 Q's; i'd say "Definitely buy a sequence" - and would even go so far as to suggest buying one you can modify. you'll get a lot closer to the giants by seeing the programming in the lms file. you can also then copy and paste from the purchased sequence any 4, 8 or 9 (up to total channels in purchased sequence) into a new sequence (back up purchased sequence before even opening in sequence editor, and - after opening - use "save as" with new file name) you'll be able to see the channel config used in the purchased sequence, and with a little studying, figure out how to map channels into your "saved as" sequence.
  4. JRC


    this helpful to me. My problems began as I copied sequences from my show computer using version 4.3.18 to a machine usingprevious version 4.3.16. Something about ..16 didn’t like shows I had saved in ..18. Had same issues-repeatedly – though – still couldn’t open sequences after all this. Stumbled through a few more steps (see below) and – finally got it working (BTW: Running Windows 10 Home Version). offer these few observations that finally got things going for me: (perhaps not all need to be done, but I did them all and it started working) I’ll number – some of you more experienced may suggest that certain steps don’t have to be done – that’s great and could save some time for others 1. Uninstalled the prior version using the Unistall button in Control Panel.(I’ll number – some of you more experienced may suggest that certain steps don’t have to be done – that’s great could save some time for others) 2. Left clicked on the LOR light bulb in the service tray. 3. Clicked on “Enable Schedule” (which WAS enabled – font in darker pixels; made it effectively “disabled” – lighter pixels for font) 4. Went on down the menu to click “Unload Light-O-Rama” 5. Back to LOR website. 6. Downloaded 4.3.24. 7. At conclusion of download, clicked “save” from the popup window. 8. On that still open dialogue box, clicked “run”. 9. Clicked on Windows icon and selected restart.. 10. Went to apps, clicked Light-O-Rama (New) then clicked control panel. 11. Got this message in Control Panel: 4:31:33 AM: Comm Listener error 3: Comm Winsock Error / 10061: Connection is forcefully rejected 4:31:34 AM: Connected to Comm Listener 4:31:40 AM: Connected to Comm Listener 4:31:34 AM: Show Player starting 4:31:34 AM: Schedule loaded 4:31:35 AM: Initializing LOR networks 4:31:35 AM: LOR networks initialized 4:31:44 AM: Show Player initialized 12. Right click blue lightbulb in service tray, select Sequence Editor (it launched and saw my shows – use default suggestions during install), clicked on the show I wanted to open and I’m ON MY WAY!. Filed loaded in its regular time frame (about 5 seconds or so)
  5. Perhaps at least one more share? (Thanks in advance!) jrclor@suddenlinknet
  6. Might you share once more please? jrclor@suddenlink.net
  7. Thanks for the responses. While neither got me to the right effort, they did prompt me to keep looking. Finally figured out the problem was somehow related to my email account. Still not sure what I did "right", but finally got it going.
  8. i'm sure i'm not searching on the correct wording - this has to be something someone has encountered and figured out already. Received a shared sequence (Thanks, James Morris!). When i download and try to open, it tells me that it doesn't recognize the application to open it in. Looks like i have an option to tell it to use Sequence Editor APPLICATION, but i'm not having any luck finding it on the computer. (I've got latest pro level of software). Any suggestions? On either location OR different way to open the sequence in Sequence Editor?
  9. please and thank you! jrclor@suddenlink.net
  10. I was even more lost. and when I searched pixie16d, I got two threads - one of which was yours (obviously) I read in the documentation that I needed version 4.3.16, but when I clicked through support and then software, all I was able to see was up to version 4.3.14. kept looking in many different spots, finally forgot the "d" and ended up on a thread that had following link to get 4.3.16. http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.3.16/LOR-4.3.16.exe
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