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  1. Perhaps at least one more share? (Thanks in advance!) jrclor@suddenlinknet
  2. Any 16 strip Pixel tree sequence

    Might you share once more please? jrclor@suddenlink.net
  3. Thanks for the responses. While neither got me to the right effort, they did prompt me to keep looking. Finally figured out the problem was somehow related to my email account. Still not sure what I did "right", but finally got it going.
  4. i'm sure i'm not searching on the correct wording - this has to be something someone has encountered and figured out already. Received a shared sequence (Thanks, James Morris!). When i download and try to open, it tells me that it doesn't recognize the application to open it in. Looks like i have an option to tell it to use Sequence Editor APPLICATION, but i'm not having any luck finding it on the computer. (I've got latest pro level of software). Any suggestions? On either location OR different way to open the sequence in Sequence Editor?
  5. Frozen- Let it go sequence

    please and thank you! jrclor@suddenlink.net
  6. I was even more lost. and when I searched pixie16d, I got two threads - one of which was yours (obviously) I read in the documentation that I needed version 4.3.16, but when I clicked through support and then software, all I was able to see was up to version 4.3.14. kept looking in many different spots, finally forgot the "d" and ended up on a thread that had following link to get 4.3.16. http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.3.16/LOR-4.3.16.exe