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  1. Can I get a copy of this also? bobsavenger@yahoo.com Thank you and Merry Christmas
  2. I'm looking for any August Burns Red Christmas sequences. Just the basics. Doesn't need to be pixels or faces. bobsavenger@yahoo.com Thanks Bob
  3. Could you send me this? bobsavenger@yahoo.com Thanks a bunch
  4. I'm looking for some 48 channel sequences. Could be more or less. Also looking for Run DMC Christmas in Hollis. Can we share a dropbox location? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z57w2occw91uo1h/AAAF7nqjGgzyonB19QR87WIha?dl=0
  5. I'm with phlash73. I'm looking for basics with creepy sounds and thunderstorms, etc. basics for Halloween. bobsavenger@yahoo.com
  6. I'd like them. bobsavenger@yahoo.com Thanks a bunch
  7. Could I get Jingle Bells and Rockin around the Christmas tree? bobsavenger@yahoo.com Thanks
  8. I spent most of last night watching tutorials and it was very helpful. I appreciate the response. Thanks Bob
  9. This is my first year doing this so I need to get caught up FAST. I have 32 channels and have been messing around with the software for the past few weeks understanding the controls and features of it. I know it's going to take hours or months to sequence songs from scratch. I've downloaded some sequences but want to know the easiest way to make them work for my channel configuration. It was a 32 channel that I downloaded but it didn't seem to line up to the song. Is there a tutorial out there showing how to borrow a sequence and change it to work? ANY QUICK HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED................. Thanks Bob
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