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  1. I was testing lights last night and my laptop speakers were the only source of music. My daughter pulled in and started cranking up some hip hop crap on her stereo and said "Dad! the lights a synced to this song too!" (face palm)
  2. I have switches and a dance dance revolution foot pad....I get my cardio work out that way...need to burn off those holiday calories you know.
  3. Oh, so you're using that new 4 in 1 flux capacitor set up, thats got to be better than the clapper...Mega, are you hearing this?
  4. Yup you caught me, I'm out here flipping switches to the beat of the music every night.
  5. Ya! per string! Hahahaha! $20 bucks.....Ok....x 200 or so... I always get the questions "does it cost a lot to run?" "how did you do that?"
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