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  1. I'm looking for several different types of LOR boxes to mount the LOR cards in.
  2. The strand of LED lights not going off and on correctly with a LOR channel, until I plug in a strand of regular lights, then it works correctly, My question is this, instead of plugging in a strand of regular lights to put a load on the LOR circuit, I want to put a resister as a load, what value resistor should I use and wattage should it be?
  3. I got it, I had to reassign the ID numbers:) but only the 4 CTB08 boxes not the 3 CTB16D boxes, STRANGE STUFF Thanks for the clue
  4. I get this message for the CTB08 controller, 01 - UNKNOWN DEVICE When I do a scan all boxes with CTB16D are found It been a couple of years since I used LOR, I need some help I have 7 LOR boxes, 4 CTB08 ver 1.0 boxes and 3 CTB16D ver 4.01 boxes. I bought the advanced LOR software for $139.95 last night When I used the Hardware Utility and scan I always see all three of the CTB16D ver 4.01 but never all 4 CTB08 only one CTB08 shows up sometimes. This is the message I get almost ever time 01- UNKNOWN DEVICE ???? Instead of showing any of the CTB08 units I get this message 01- UNKNOWN DEVICE ???? I do get the right message ever once in awhile in the list but never for all 4 only one shows up sometimes as unit 01 CTB08 ver 1.0 But these NEVER show up in the list found unit 03 CTB08 ver 1.0 , unit 04 CTB08 ver 1.0, unit 05 CTB08 ver 1.0 The boxes are daisy chained like this with ethernet cables START ------- unit 01 CTB08 ver 1.0 --------Unit 02 CTB16D ver 4.01-------- unit 04 CTB08 ver 1.0-----------unit 07 CTB16 ver 4.01--------unit 03 CTB08 ver 1.0------------------unit 05 CTB08 ver 1.0----------unit 06 CTB16D 4.01 It sees and finds the unit 06 CTB16D 4.01 at the end of the chain 60ft down the line,
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