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  1. I would really appreciate a copy as well ... I am struggling with doing a sequence from scratch. There used to be an "auto-sequence" feature, but I cannot seem to find it in the software. I'm still a rookie even though I have been doing these displays for 8 years. My email is jerald.carlton@verizon.net
  2. Jim, It looks like there is something else going on with that one Pixie4. It's in the middle of the network and the controllers on either side are working and seeing network. I've disconnected it to test it directly as the only device using the hardware utility; no success. I cannot get it to be recognized. I may need to open a trouble ticket to get this one figured out. Jerry
  3. Jim ... This was a huge help. Based on your feedback I was able to rebuild the channel configuration. Everything seems to be working, but I think there are still a items off. I'm not familiar with separating to multiple networks; I'm still very much a rookie with the setup. I have a new issue actually, 1 controller (Pixie 4 - Unit ID 30) simply stopped connecting to the network. I can no longer see it on the network and the status light is flashing. I've attempted to reset it, but I still cannot seem to get it connected. Thanks again for everyone's assistance. Jerry LORSequenceEditor (Channel Config Update).pdf
  4. I receive the following error, "Component channels cannot be removed from RGB channels"
  5. I'm having some difficulty with my channel configuration. I have attached a PDF of my channel configuration; the problem seems to be in the Pixie2s and CCB100. There seems to be additional devices in the configuration, but I cannot seem to get rid of them. Any assistance would be appreciated. My display seems to be running all over itself and I cannot seem to get the sequences straight to the configuration. Thanks in advance ... Jerry I have the following devices: 01 - CMB24D Ver 1.05 02 - 16PC-G3 Ver 1.08 03 - 16PC-G3 Ver 1.08 04 - 16PC-G3 Ver 1.08 05 - CR150D Ver 1.19 06 - CR150D Ver 1.19 07 - CR150D Ver 1.19 08 - CR150D Ver 1.19 09 - CMB24D Ver 1.05 0A - CMB24D Ver 1.05 0B - F50RGB Ver 1.05 0C - F50RGB Ver 1.05 0D - F50RGB Ver 1.05 0E - F50RGB Ver 1.05 17 - CMB24D Ver 1.05 30 - Pixie4 Ver 1.02 34 - Pixie4 Ver 1.02 40 - CCB100 - Ver 1.21 60 - Pixie2 - Ver 1.03 62 - Pixie2 - Ver 1.03 64 - Pixie2 - Ver 1.03 66 - Pixie2 - Ver 1.03 LORSequenceEditor (Channel Config).pdf
  6. Thanks JR ... I suppose the Whole House Transmitter I have connected to the Mini Director can connect to the audio port on the computer? I'm really a rookie with this part ... I've never tried to run a show from the computer.
  7. Can anyone tell me what the limits are on the Gen3 Mini Director with MP3 Player? I have used this device for a number of years; however, this year I have 17 devices (2 LOR16s, 4 CMD-24s, 5 Pixie2s, 2 Pixie4s, 4 50Watt Floods). My sequences don't seem to be operating properly. Any suggestions to get me up and running correctly would be helpful. Thanks
  8. Huge Help! ... Thanks JR! Thanks for the tip Ducks ... I will keep it in mind for the strings. Happy Lighting All!
  9. I'm adding a controller using the Channel Configuration Tool in the Sequence Editor (v4.3.24 Pro) Under Add Controller, I am selecting Light-O-Rama Controller for the Device Type, but how many channels do I add for a Pixie 2 and a Pixie 4 controller?
  10. I have been using LOR "You Can Modify" Sequences for a few years in a "plug and play" style residential configuration of 3 LOR Residential Controllers. I added some new equipment and want to convert all of my existing sequences to match in with the new equipment, but the Sequence Editor is simply kicking my tail. I've managed to do some of the changes, but I've spent about 3 days on one song and I still can't seem to get it right. My new configuration is: Showtime (mDC-MP3); CMB24D (Unit ID 01), LOR 1 (Unit ID 02), LOR 2 (Unit ID 03), LOR 3 (Unit ID 04), CCR 1 (Unit 05), CCR 2 (Unit 06), CCR 3 (Unit 07), CCR 4 (Unit 08). I have 10 songs that I would like to get converted. Any assistance would be helpful
  11. I have a few questions ... First, I have upgraded my display and its hardware this year for Christmas. The last years I have had 3 Residential LOR controller. This year, I have added 1 CMB24D (Dumb RGBs), one more Residential LOR, and 4 CCRs. I am using S4 Software and SuperStar; all of the hardware is connected in the following order using cat5: Showtime (mDC-MP3); CMB24D (Unit ID 01), LOR 1 (Unit ID 02), LOR 2 (Unit ID 03), LOR 3 (Unit ID 04), LOR 4 (Unit ID 05), CCR 1 (Unit 06), CCR 2 (Unit 07), CCR 3 (Unit 08), CCR 4 (Unit 09). Everything seems to be working, except the CMB24D. My assumption is this is happening because my sequences are set for only the original standard LOR and I need to add the CMB24D into the sequences. Here's my challenge, when I try to add controllers, I haven't a clue what to select from the pull down menues in the Sequence Editor software - Channel Configuration - Add Controller to add the new controllers. The LOR Residential Controllers are pretty obvious, but what about the others? Are they BSOFT Digital Cards? DMX Universe? I am assuming that if I add the controllers, I can change my sequences to to use them. In regards to my sequences, I am using Ready Made Sequences (the editable kind) and I have figured out how to add more standard controllers and actions ... I just have to get the CMB24D and CCRs in there. Thanks in advance, JC
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