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  1. I have an entire show on one LOR file, has national lampoons Christmas vacation intro, a couple tso songs, luke Brian's run run rudolph, a dubstep song, the peanuts, and then it ends with Linus from peanuts telling the story of Jesus being born. 16 channels. 6 column on separate channels, roof channel, 3 windows on same channel, and a couple random channels. You'll have to edit the timing a bit, this was my first show. I learned my lesson, never make a huge mashup and sequence the whole thing together. It's a pain. You can have it when I get home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Honkey Tonk Christmas by Alan Jackson or Merry Christmas From Texas Ya'll by Tracy Byrd. 16 channel. Already have a few songs sequenced but I'm running out of time to sequence any more songs and my show is way too short. Email: maycameron89@yahoo.com
  3. I would also like to use this sequence! maycameron89@yahoo.com
  4. My first ever light show was running as smooth as ever, finished up a 20 minute mash up on Audacity and come to find out I can't use Beat Wizard or view the waveform on the sequence editor because the media file can't be converted to the LOR internal WAV format. Is this an easy fix? I've tried converting to WAV, and MP3 through Audacity but still no cigar. I tried using the Tapper wizard but I've found out timing is a big pain using that wizard. And I've also tried converting regular length songs to the sequence editor and I get the same results.
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