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  1. Hello fellow lightorama enthusiasts! We’re so excited that the holiday, I mean lightorama season is upon us. This season we’ve added more songs and are sequencing some great additions as we speak. We’ve added some classics along with some contemporary finds. We also have some local music from Louisiana, since we are from New Orleans. Right now, we’re running a quick promotion until October 15. All our current stock is 10 percent off. So don’t wait, we’ve never run this promotion before and we’re beyond excited to share with new and old customers. https://www.whodatsequencing.com/
  2. Hey everyone so despite the youtube copyright issues with songs and the vandals destruction, we've managed to get it all up and running again and record it. Our lightorama spirit will not be ruined.
  3. Thanks that helped alot! Looks like they allowed it.
  4. Hey everyone, So I just recorded our videos of our lightorama set up/display/show last night and uploaded them this morning to youtube. Now I've gotten the lovely videos up they can't be played in specific 170 countries because of copyright. I'm wondering how everyone else manages to get their lightorama videos up with music if we all use copyrighted music??? The songs I'm using include Hallowishes, Ghostbusters, and Harry Potter along with others I've mashed up into one massive song. Here's what youtube says: You have 2 copyright claims on your video. Viewing Restrictions: Video blocked in 170 countries, Unavailable on some devices. Monetization: Can't monetize video, Monetized by claimant THANKS
  5. Yes! I think this needs to be sequenced and sent around for us all to have. I love this idea. We're installing flood lights with motion sensors tonight. Along with making the smile you're on camera sign. We are also debating leaving the projector on at night saying you're currently being recorded.
  6. Thanks everyone. My fiance and I have done eevrything we can to get the show back up and running tonight. I'm still a bit jittery about it all and still very frustrated/pissed off and very anxious about it. He's angry and pissed beyond all belief and we've notified local groups on facebook about it. As a means to either get the word out, deter it, or have the parents recognize the teens. You just never know. We did notice in the video that one of the teens looked to be recording the whole thing so we're keeping an eye out on social media but God knows thats an insane task. How did you all manage to get over it?
  7. Omg this is the best! Thanks everyone. You've really helped set my mind at ease that there is more we can do without having to give up. I was at the point of taking it all down and not doing it which would basically mean that the vandals would win. We're also planning on putting it up for Christmas but most likely taking it down before we leave so as to prevent anyone doing this again while we're gone and can't do anything. Any ideas on that? Jaynee you're definitely giving me ideas to put in motion sensor lights at night. We have our cameras set to ultra sensitive now and have them pointing towards areas and one covering specifically the decor.
  8. Thanks everyone. The part that pissed me off aside from the vandalism and the trouble of having to re-do it all is that it was in the middle of the show at 10:11pm and we have the show going on till 11pm. We also going to be leaving most of the lights on from the lightorama to help deter them more. Zman thanks for the link. We'll definitely be looking to what else we can do.
  9. So last night the thing that has always scared me happened. A group of teens vandalized and "Assaulted" our set up.We've already informed the police, filed a police report and are pursuing charges. We were wondering if any of you have had this happen to you, what you have done to prevent it from happening again. We've got the video to prove it too. So that helps.But we'd love to deter it from happening again and we've already got the smile you're on camera sign.
  10. Super cool! You've definitely got to post when it's all up. My fiancé is like they win for most badass with that ufo!
  11. Very cool!!! Did you get the X-files theme song to go with it too?
  12. We use the 20th Century Fox fanfare and it's always a hit with the kids because they feel its like a movie
  13. We actually ordered a cheap projector and dvd player from Amazon. If I remember it came out to maybee 100 total. We kept them in our dining room and lined our window with a white sheet that projected the image. We got the DVD from amazon too but that came out to about 30 bucks. This year we're making our own dvd with different images so it's not just Santa in the Window.
  14. We're actually setting up Halloween in the next week. Pulling props out and light testing inside the garage with everything stringed up before we move everything outside. So we can knock it out in one long weekend (weather permitting since NOLA weather can be unpredictable). Christmas goes up Mid-November so we can properly enjoy it but leave it up till Jan 6 since we celebrate the Ephiphany here in NOLA.
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