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  1. The power is the ability to apply a pattern over a set of objects. i do all my yard and house lights (apart from dumb lights on dimmer packs) with PE. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKjCycke8xidkbG6KEDCBDk5M-QANLycu
  2. Intended it more along the path of a "4 channel face" than using a high pixel display. It would be more processing of data to capture which of the 4 mouths should be used for each period time.
  3. I've been playing with the idea for using a custom app on the iphone X using facial recognition to capture data to create the tracks for singing faces. The reality is that the animojis on the iPhone X are not that different than complex versions of what we do with "singing faces". Creating singing faces may be the most painful of all of the programing that can be done on a display but I was wondering if this wouldn't be an effective way to automate that process. It would look something like this: - Custom Application written on iOS to capture a few parameters of mouth movement using the facial recognition features of the iPhone X. - Sing the song along with the music to capture the data. May need to over exaggerate the mouth movements. - Post processing to get the data into Light-O-Rama (backdoor approach for editing the track data). Could be repeated for each of the parts of the song if you use multiple singing faces. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  4. What I have done in the past to create my house outline with sweeps is to draw them in as individual pixels and then use the Group lights using the "Use Preview" to create a single prop to generate sweeps and such.
  5. Thank you both. I'm now remembering having this problem last year with the same solution. Doh!
  6. I'm having a problem where no matter what colors I select or deselect in the Effect Generator I'm only getting multi color meteors. I'm on 4.3.14 Edit: I'm also having the same problem with Butterfly.
  7. Thank You Matt! Just what I was looking for.
  8. Pixels are DMX controlled by a SanDevice.
  9. Is there a way to dim the maximum output of a pixel as a whole, i.e. 50% max brightness would be full on. I'm using two types of pixels and would like to dim down the maximum so they are closer to equal. I know I could do it sequence my sequence but this would be pretty painful.
  10. Zoom in on the time line so that dragging the track back and forth makes a small change. Then trial and error. If your recorded video has a sound track you can look for matching up peaks in the equalizer.
  11. Thank you! The pixels are Pixel360 by Vivid RBG Lighting. http://www.vividrgblighting.com/category/360-inline/
  12. Thank you! Got a few more videos edited.
  13. I finally got around to filming and editing the video. Hope you enjoy!
  14. Thank you! I've seen a lot of creative approaches to making the pixels special in different displays and we wanted to highlight the architecture of our new home. Took a lot of work to get them that way into Pixel editor but once in there it was a fantastic tool! You can read about that here: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/38433-whole-house-of-pixels/?p=356181
  15. Thank you! I think it was just a trick of the light. All of the pixels are the same. Thank you! Very hooked! We are currently discussing but in consideration are a row of arches across the front of the lawn and maybe a pixel tree. We also want to change our approach to the righthand (red/blue) tree. We would like to do more with it but need to figure out a good way to hand the lights. Any suggestions?
  16. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Ended up getting the best footage from my GoPro Hero 3. Chopped it up and dubbed music with iMovie.
  17. Finally got a video of our display. This is one of four songs in our display. I'll get more footage in the coming days of the other 3 songs (and find time to edit it). This is our first year doing lights so we were very excited to get to share it with our neighbors, friends and family. Thanks to everyone here for the help and support.
  18. Matt, Do you have a quick description of what the different mixer options mean? i.e. Mix Average Mix Overlay Mix Maximum Mix Bottom Top Mix Left Right Mix Rt hides Lt Mix Lt hides Rt Its a bit of a grey area in the tutorials. I've gotten most of the effects that I wanted using trial and error but can't say that I understand them and had a few trouble with them Thanks, Clifton
  19. I'm having a new problem with moving between pixel editor and sequence editor. When I watch my sequence in the pixel editor the timing is spot on with the music throughout the length of the show. When I watch it in sequence editor about 3 minutes of the song I am more than 3 seconds off of the timing for the portions that I programed in PE. Any suggestions or others who have had this problem in the past? Thanks
  20. This if my first year doing an animated light display and wondered if anyone had tips on getting the best video footage of the display for the friends and family to see that can't make it out to the display. Any recommendations? Potential Topics: GoPro vs. iPhone vs. . . .. Live music or edit the track onto the video? Thanks in advance
  21. Maybe its just my system but the following work for me in SE but not PE. Is this a known difference? Ctrl + Z Undo Ctrl + X Cut Ctrl + C Copy Ctrl + V Paste
  22. Wanted to give a quick update and describe how I ended up making it all work. Full disclosure I'm an engineer so I probably did it the most difficult way but the most scientific. I ended up loading each of my 405 RGBs in as individual bulbs. I did this by modifying the XLM file that props are stored in for Pixel Editor via Excel scripting. A quick summary: 1 - AutoCAD drawing of Front of House. 2 - Position lights on front of house as blocks with tags indicating Universe and Channel 3 - Export light block coordinates and tags to excel 4 - Script into correct XML format to match pixel editor file format 5 - Load into pixel editor 6 - Group lights into "Whole House" "Window 1" "Window 2" . . . . using the "Use Preview" selection so that they use their relative possition to each other. 7 - Program That being said I ended up with the attached and I'm really happy with the results. This option gave me a lot of flexibility to be able to modify the lights to get them layed out in just the right way that they appear on the house, with corners at the right locations, bulbs being turned off. I'm also set up for if I change their locations slightly when they go up next year. I finished my first sequence last night and the neighbors are already blown away so that is the real win. It's my first year doing animated lighting (or really any lighting) at all so I'm thrilled with the results. Thanks for all of the help.
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