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  1. Can I use an sd card in the mp3 director that is 2 GB? I was thinking it should just recognize it as 1 GB and go on is that right?
  2. My mp3 director will not accept schedules, it just plays the show as soon as an SD card is inserted. I think I might need to upgrade firmware but I had a question or two. Really, the show will run right now I just have to be there to start and stop it. This director is being used on the city's display so I really don't want to mess it up. The question I have is when it says the unit must be powered up, I am making sure that all I need to do is plug in the LOR1602W, leave the switch in the off position, and use my CAT5 patch cable over to the director and then plug my computer RJ45 plug into the director then follow LOR directions for update?
  3. I am driving a Ramsey FM 100B transmitter and the output seems to be low. Is there a volume adjustment on the director? Do I have to amplify the sound going to the fm transmitter any?
  4. My bit rate shows to be set at 128, how do I set it to set bit rate>
  5. Where do I get the (.dll) files that audacity asks for when you try to export to mp3?
  6. I am having the same problem with Mad Russian's Christmas, I normally don't use Audacity, what do I need to try with this file in Audacity.
  7. My system can't find controller #10 in my network but the status led shows solid light like it is talking, anything special to addressing #10?
  8. My channel comes on when I plug the unit in, doesn't have to be plugged in to CAT5 cable. I tried to go to Hardware Utility and turn all channels on and then back off but didn't help. Talk about versions, I am still using 1.5 because I never could get 1.6 to work for me and I really would like to try LOR2 but SCARED.
  9. I tested my boxes when I received them and all looked well. I again tested a week prior to tonight to again be sure after mounting them on the tree and powering them up. Then tonight when I powered everything up one of my channels is on and will not turn off. I read before where someone had this problem and it was suggested that it was a bad triac. I have an extra channel on that card not in use so I copied all events down to that extra channel and will run the rest of the season like that but is there anything else that could be a possibility? I am now thinking about going ahead and ordering a standby controller to have on the shelf.
  10. If it is not asking too much where did you buy your 2/4 SO cable?
  11. I would like to do driveway arches this year over a 21' wide driveway. What size pvc would be recommended? I will be wrapping them with single strand minis."
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