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  1. kevinob

    Vu Meter

    This may not help you in your exact scenario but in case someone else is hunting on this topic: I wanted a VU Meter to go from bottom also. But as posted above, "With a vertical display VU meter will play from the top" I did find a workaround to make it go from bottom: My matrix that starts bottom left (and has snake pattern). So I created a visualization of the matrix instead defining it as starting Top Left (with snake pattern). When sequenced with the adjusted prop settings, that effectively reverses the light assignment.... and when running makes my actual prop VU meter lights go up from bottom. This was an extra step for me but it allowed me to have the VU meter I wanted... Kevin
  2. Can't thank you enough!!! WooHoo!
  3. Hi Brian - Awesome and thanks! It's at the end of the first post in this thread "MatrixOnly2017.lee" is right at the end of the post. I'd post it again but I'm at my attachment size limit. Let me know and I'll repost if for some reason you can't see it.
  4. This is what sequencing grid looks like (again, after having max grid setting at 68 so it doesn't error)
  5. Thanks@Brian B. Thanks for your reply. As I read over, here are the answers to your questions: Strings run vertical. Start lower left and snake. each string is 7 columns that are 14 lights "tall". If I set Max Length to 14.... (or any other number less than 68) then it throws 2 error prompts: (1) "Max Number of 64 rows exceeded...." then (2) "Failed to add RGB pixel [65] in Device.... I am running 4.3.14 .... haven't gotten around to upgrading to latest 4.x but will be happy to if that helps at all... in terms of the 'corresponding lights' and clicking them I think that's where my mind bends... the layout of the sequencing grid looks funky to me (probably cuz I have to set max to 68 to make it not error) so I'm not certain if I should be concerned or not...
  6. here's the matrix in action by the way...
  7. Hi all - attached is the 14x14 Matrix visualization I am importing into SuperStar ... for the intent of taking advantage of the Instant Sequence feature for 'classic' christmas songs.... I am struggling with understanding the settings that show up on Import Visualization. Sequencing Grid Max Length and Max Detection Lines.... and wondering if all that even matters or if my issue is around TCM and Timing Map. (Matrix is made up of two 98 Pixel strings... and are setup correctly in visualizer in terms of channels/etc I believe) If this were your Viz, what would be the Sequencing Grid Max Length and Max Detection Lines you would use? My logic is not prevailing as I read the help information. I feel like in a 14x14 grid I could set the grid at 14 and the detection lines at 14 and that would give me 14 TCM Rows to deal with. I'm sure I have flawed logic throughout there... but in any case I'm stuck. I can make it work with bigger settings but don't understand the impact on the TCM rows that are made available... My ultimate goal was to kind of do a VU meter thing ,but I can't make sense of the effects of the settings I'm choosing upon import. I'll take any advice available! I guess I don't get why the sequencing grid would be different than the SS Visualization so my brain is kind of locked. No need to unlock my brain though if you have a good idea, I'll run with it.... Bottom line: What would you do for a 14x14 matrix in terrms of import into/ setup in SuperStar? The matrix rgb lights are within an 8 foot x 8 foot coro 'painting' of Charlie Brown and Snoopy on the front of my garage. Good News is that apart from this I've figured out Pixel Editor just fine and have some very cool things happening there. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you have. Thanks, Kevin MatrixOnly2017.lee
  8. kevinob

    Matrix Creation

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.... I had struggled building a 2 string (each string with 98 pixels) 14x14 Matrix for a PixCon16 and I used above method to find the err of my ways.... Woo Hoo!
  9. kevinob

    Free Sequences for download

    Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated!
  10. kevinob

    Sharing HandClap faces and beats.

    Hello BobO -- Would love to have a copy. thanks for sharing! findkob at gmail
  11. kevinob

    what do i need to start a LOR

    old thread but found this in search.... (and was useful so thanks to all posters of the past and present!). Bumping the thread just to note the link above to http://www.lightorama.com/PDFs.html no longer works and it appears that the content is now at http://www1.lightorama.com/documentation/ Maybe an admin spots this and puts in a redirect. Thanks all!
  12. kevinob

    2017 Additions

    looks great!
  13. kevinob

    Go from S4 4.3.18 to 4.3.24 ??

    Thanks Jim and JR for your thoughts! Glad to hear it is working for you. I think I'll give it a go. Thanks for posting and appreciate the quick feedback.
  14. kevinob

    Go from S4 4.3.18 to 4.3.24 ??

    Thanks for the reply Alan and appreciate the links. I had read some release notes but not from that link which i will be a good bookmark. Havent heard/seen complaints on 3.24 so far.... So unless that changes my inclination at this point is to get things up and running ( for recollection & peace of momd that things r working) then update software and check for new goodies. Appreciate your reply, Kevin