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  1. Getting started with a Director... I ordered a g4 director to free up my laptop to tweak things during the season... It seems as though Director I can make a show from either the Simple Show software or the Hardware utilities. But I cannot use Show Editor? I want to take advantage of the 'random' sequence feature that seems to only be in the computer based full blown Show Editor. I might be missing something simple (again I'm just getting started) like copying the show file to the memory disk? Thanks, Kevin
  2. Looking to uncover a feature or perhaps identify a workaround: I have a bunch of musical light sequences (Thanks to the generous sequence sharers here on this forum!). Full songs...singing faces, etc. I'm wondering if there's an easy alternative to having to play an entire song... is there a way to do a continuous sampling/mix of all different sequences via the software show building? Or would this be something I'd have to custom build new blended sequence()s consisting of smaller, blended 'clips' of those full song sequences? (I searched forums but my thoughts not mapping to any posts I could find... apologies if this has been asked before... would appreciate any guidance/ links to prior posts on solutions if they are out there.)
  3. May i have a copy as well? findkob@gmail.com as always— thanks so much!!!!
  4. James- so glad to find you are still sharing your work! Would love a copy findkob@gmail.com
  5. James- would love a copy. You are the best! findkob@gmail.com
  6. your front door looks like 2 big eyes and long blond hair... was expecting it to sing!
  7. crazy amount of lights! Looks great!
  8. like the way you have the wreaths "exploding" Very cool!!
  9. Hi James - Would love a copy. findkob@gmail.com Thanks as always!
  10. would love to have a copy JR. Thanks! findkob@gmail.com
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