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  1. Mulch Matt

    Unit ID question

    Yes, 8 needs to be pushed down. Then you can set ID in HU.
  2. Mulch Matt

    CCB 2 with 200 lights

    Never mind. I figured it out
  3. Mulch Matt

    CCB 2 with 200 lights

    New to CCB this year. I want to keep it simple so I am using them for the outline if my house and around the windows. I am just going to use SE for programing. When I set up the RGB channels in SE, it will only let me do 512. I have CCB 2 with 200 lights, = 600 channels. What am I missing? Does the controller have to have 2 unit IDs? One for each port? Help!!
  4. Mulch Matt

    Go Cubs Go, singing treex

    Just checking to see if anyone has Go Cubs Go singing trees they would like to share. Thanks Mrgrafer@gmail.com
  5. Mulch Matt

    best of star wars sequence

    Thanks for sharing!
  6. Has anyone done this for singing faces that would like to share? Thanks Mrgrafer@gmail.com
  7. Mulch Matt

    Public Service Announcement with Talking tree

    Looks great, could I get a copy please? Thank you for sharing! Mrgrafer@gmail.com
  8. Looks great! Could you send me a copy please? Thanks Mrgrafer@gmail.com