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  1. drlucas

    RGB Halloween?

    if you are able to share 14) Thunderstruck that would be appreciated 10ryanlucas@gmail.com thanks.
  2. drlucas

    Monster Mash Faces & Pixel

    yes please...still a day or two left to sequence 10ryanlucas@gmail.com - thanks!
  3. drlucas

    Fireball Pitbull

    that's strange....not sure why there would be...the "at" and "." are ascii. Anywho - I really appreciate you sharing!!! Now I am trying to replicate your Purge sequence...
  4. drlucas

    Fireball Pitbull

    This looks interesting...not 100% sure I can fit it into my halloween show still..but if you can share it would be appreciated. thanks...10ryanlucas@gmail.com ryan
  5. drlucas

    Looking for Halloween intro

    Good day....10ryanlucas@gmail.com if you can send the nightmare before Christmas version, I'd love to check it out thank! Ryan
  6. this sounds interesting...please send a copy - thank you!!! 10ryanlucas@gmail.com
  7. drlucas

    Undertaker Faces Pixel Matrix

    this sounds interesting...please send a copy - thank you!!! 10ryanlucas@gmail.com
  8. drlucas


    I have purchased two flame cannons this year...I can't believe how easy it was to get the fuel for it once someone told me... now if only sequencing could be as easy if anyone can share their rendition it would be appreciated. thanks....10ryanlucas@gmail.com
  9. If you are sharing...10ryanlucas@gmail.com I love trying things out at halloween before xmas
  10. I'll bump this post too with a please send to me as well if you are able too...I'm looking at using p10 matrix this year and hopefully I can make use of what has been in the past...always appreciate the share...thanks! 10ryanlucas@gmail.com
  11. drlucas

    Now Sharing ~ Oh Yeah ~ singing faces

    If you guys are able to share with me - it would be appreciated! thanks - Ryan 10ryanlucas@gmail.com
  12. drlucas

    New Year Eves 80 Montage

    Lets give this one a try...would love to extend the show until Jan1....10ryanlucas@gmail.com - thanks James!!
  13. drlucas

    Guardians of the Galaxy / Hooked on a Feeling

    Yes please...send over a copy if you get a chance. thanks! Ryan 10ryanlucas@gmail.com
  14. drlucas

    Snoop and Justin

    I'm working through winter wonderland myself and mirroring the http://www.holidaysequences.com/Winter-Wonderland-Here-Comes-Light-Sequence-p/lights-wwhcsc.htm sequence that holiday sequences did. If/when I get this finished I'll share what I have..
  15. drlucas

    Pixel sequences

    OK - that makes more sense to me....i was looking at the lms file in a text editor and trying to see if the channels (150x4 I think) mapped to a 12node tree at 50 nodes a strip....this is helpful. thank you! as for the iseq file in xlights, yes, I've been down that road before...and know about those ghosts...i need a pacman to deal with them Now I go back on my hunt for a cool grinch megatree....one that i can put on a little P10 matrix that adds to the show. I appreciate everyone who has shared the sequences up on the FTP site...thank you all!!