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  1. Someone stole my laptop with the memory stick containing the backup files. Any sequences would be appreciated. Thanks ske65088@att.net
  2. Could I get a copy of the Star Wars sequence also ? Thank you
  3. Can I use dielectric grease on the data connections. After only a week I have had to replace the RJ 45 connectors on my cables. Everything is dry but I don't know what else could be the problem
  4. I hadn't thought of a background sequence so that could work. But the amperage of these items is too high for 2 channels. I was hoping that I could run independent power to the relays and use power from the lightorama to control the items which would allow for a complete show even if I was not home to turn the other items on
  5. Can I use the output from one of the channels to " turn on " an ice cube relay? The purpose of this would be to power the " constant on " items such as nativity and fm station sign? Thank you for answers
  6. Can anyone tell me what is needed to start with "smart" RGB's or pixels. A list with brands and model numbers would be greatly appreciated. I haven't been able to find much of anything consistent I'm sure there are worlds of options so I dont want to make it overly complicated. Thanks!
  7. Thank you George. I ordered the CZH 05B. Can't wait to get it up and running
  8. Thanks k6ccc. A lot of knowledge there. Not sure I have time for all that this year but I will definitely look into that
  9. Thanks Santas Helper. Any recommendations for the stronger transmitter or attenuator. I currently have a "whole house fm transmitter 3 " same as the one sold on the lightorama website. As this is my first attempt at controlled lighting and such I am probably taking on too much for the first year but I want to make it special. Thanks again
  10. Due to the location of my house from the road I will have to mount my fm transmitter on my mailbox. This is about 200ft from a location my computer can be safely placed. Can I use 3.5mm extension cables to connect the fm transmitter or is there a different or better way to achieve the fm station? Thanks for your help
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