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    Family in town used to set up LOR displays during christmas and halloween. we bought their decorations and some control boxes as they were moving and no longer doing the displays
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  1. Could I get a copy, as well? frostyfamily@comcast.net
  2. James, could I please get a copy? frostyfamily@comcast.net thank you
  3. Holy Cow! that is awesome! Could I get a copy? My wife and i are fans of both Metallica and Journey. If you don't mind sharing, my email is frostyfamily@comcast.net
  4. any chance i could get a copy of ice ice baby? Please, and thank you. frostyfamily@comcast.net
  5. Would love a copy, too. Please and thank you. frostyfamily@comcast.net
  6. I would like a copy if you don’t mind? thank you, frostyfamily@comcast.net
  7. Could I get a copy,, please? Looking to change up my Christmas line up. thank you frostyfamily@comcast.net
  8. Does anyone have “What’s This” from Nightmare Before Christmas for singing faces. I can’t find it on any of the pay sites and was wondering if anyone had a copy they would be willing to share? Thank you for your time, OfficerFrosty frostyfamily@comcast.net
  9. Bbass101, thanks for the offer, but I ended up buying it from holiday sequences already. They do have a pretty big selection, though.
  10. James, could i get a copy of What's this? My daughter would love it as she did a figure skating routine to it this year. Thank you frostyfamily@comcast.net
  11. I was wondering if anyone had the Singing Faces for Time Warp? Looking to freshen up my song line-up this year and that was a suggestion from some local admirers of our light display. Thank you for your time.
  12. I am looking for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Burl Ives for singing faces, if anyone is willing to share. frostyfamily@comcast.net
  13. Any chance I could get a copy? My daughter is doing a routine for that song for figure skating and would love that song as part of our display. My email is frostyfamily@comcast.net
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