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  1. Thanks again for JR having this class. I learn something every time. I appreciate all his time he gives us
  2. I need a copy can someone share this with me please and thank you chazjr@cox.net
  3. I was not there last Saturday. I will be this week. chazjr@cox.net
  4. I can make next week if you have room
  5. JR I wish I could attend, but I am going to be in the mountains. Can I please have a copy and I will try to learn. Thanks chazjr@cox.net
  6. May I please get a copy. I know you sent it to me, but I cant find it chazjr@cox.net
  7. May I please have a copy and music chazjr@cox.net
  8. May I please get a copy of this also. chazjr@cox.net
  9. May I please get Let it Go Thank you chazjr@cox.net
  10. Can I please get a copy of both chazjr@cox.net
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