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  1. Helpusell

    Drummer Boy Pentatonix Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    May I please have a copy chazjr@cox.net
  2. Helpusell

    Now Sharing ~ Dominic the Donkey singing faces

    May I please have a copy chazjr@cox.net
  3. Helpusell

    Katy Perry Roar

    May I please have a copy Chazjr@cox.net
  4. Can I please get a copy chazjr@cox.net
  5. Helpusell

    Anyone in Arizona

    I live in Peoria and looking for people to share their knowledge, but also maybe get together once in awhile and help with planning
  6. Helpusell

    Planning for 2018

    Ok same question. Going to try to do a pixel Matrix. I am really slow and I know I should buy my sequences, but not enough money, What LOR software should I upgrade to? easiest please?
  7. Helpusell

    Planning for 2018

    So I have decided on doing an rgb matrix and arches. So here are the questions. Someone here locally did the clear from HC and he said in Arizona already fading and looks bad after 3 months so what should I look at instead? 2. I have a LOR setup. I am not that smart. Should I use LOR Software and if so which version should I buy or can I use xlights? Is it hard to get LOR to recognize xlights. Starting early but need to as I will be slow
  8. Helpusell

    Pixel Tree sequences

    James Planning already for next year. Any pixel sequences you want to share is appreciated Thank you chazjr@cox.net
  9. Helpusell

    Planning for 2018

    I am looking at doing 4 half arches and if I can afford it a pixel tree 1st question is what is the difference between a CCR pixel mega tree http://www.holidaycoro.com/16-CCR-Pixel-MegaTree-p/814.htm and a a Quicktree mega pixel tree http://www.holidaycoro.com/9-5-Ft-Tall-Pixel-Node-MegaTree-Kit-p/815-180.htm . I have been watching many videos. I am not handy. I like to try but usually break things twice before I figure out what I did wrong and It usually takes me 10 times longer to understand easy things to do, but It feels great when it works. 2nd question is what to buy? I have a 32 channel setup now nothing great and boring to me. All LOR bought during sales. 3rd if I start with arches. Difference in arches between dumb and smart led's. I am thinking smart. Since LOR and others sell 50 led 16.4 feet ones. Do I cut them in half and try to solder them again to make smaller ones. Yard is small I have 2 large incandescent lights and it takes up most of the yard. 4th question will be the pixel tree. I am trying to do this one year away as it will take that long for me to understand I am in Arizona, if anyone is in Arizona I will buy meals for hands on instructions and tutoring
  10. Please I would love a copy. chazjr@cox.net
  11. May I please have a copy also please and thank you chazjr@cox.net
  12. Helpusell

    Guardians of the Galaxy / Hooked on a Feeling

    Can I please get a copy chazjr@cox.net
  13. Helpusell

    O Holy Night- Josh Groban

    Anyone have this? If so please send it to me chazjr@cox.net