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  1. bbass101

    Extension Cord Routing ideas

    I reroute most of my show each year, mostly because I add a controller here or some more lights there etc. So I have several 8 ch and 16 ch "snakes" (think of the audio snake) that are labeled, zip tied, and ready for use. This way I can run 16 or 8 channels from the controller in one run, not 16 or 8 respectively. I also have a couple that spool out, where the controller (male) ends are all the same length, but the female ends are spread out every 5 feet or so. I mainly use these for the pumpkins during Halloween. Since each one is on a separate channel it works out well.
  2. bbass101

    RGB Tombstones

    @caniac, So is it white coro with a black decal or the other way around ? They look amazing !!!
  3. Jim, I just it to work by adding a separate pixel string with pixel 1 in use. I guess pixel arches are not treated as "pixels" when using the wizard. Thank you for your help. -Ben
  4. Jim, That what I thought. and I have another prop that is using pixel 1 and consequently channel 1 on this universe. Still produces the error. -Ben
  5. I am trying to add a strip of RBG pixels to my vis. file. The string has DMX channels 451 to 510 on Universe 2. I set everything up and change the starting pixel to 151 and I get an error. "There are one or more errors with your simulation that prevent it from running. Please correct these errors and try again. Child Pixel fixture test - DMX Pixels 1 does not have a main Pixel Fixture (a Pixel Universe Fixture with physical pixel 1). A Pixel Universe Fixture when assembled requires a fixture with pixel #1" How can I fix this ? I have several elements that do not start at the beginning of a universe. Thanks in advance -Ben
  6. bbass101

    Funny comments from guests

    My brother once told a friend that "We have a man that sits in our basement and flips tons of light switches on and off really fast"
  7. bbass101

    T Shirts

    Any change you would be doing another set anytime this year ? -Ben
  8. bbass101

    Suggestions for backup gear

    I would invest in a cable tester for your data cables, saves you a lot of extra time troubleshooting if something is not working. Since you are using a director, you probably want an extra SD card per-loaded and ready to run. For me I have spares of the some of the IC chips on my controllers. When I build the kits I socket everything, and keep spares because I have had those chips go bad.
  9. bbass101

    Nutcracker by SNC

    I do have one, its not great, but It does have the four faces. PM me if interested. -Ben
  10. bbass101

    Holiday Coro AlphPix BUG Alert

    Good to know. What exactly is the intention of using Null pixels ? Just reshape the data for longer cable lengths between the controller and pixels ?
  11. bbass101

    Some Elements are too bright

    I am not currently using intensity files. I could if that is a good option, but I don't know how, only that they exist. I use the sequence editor for everything, the stars are dumb (sorry I should've mentioned that earlier). The start controller is a 27 ch dumb DMX from holiday coro, they do not have intensity settings. I know my alphapix does, but it is completely separate from the stars. With dropping the intensity in the foreground, does that effect the entire sequence, or can it be setup to only effect particular channels ? Thank you everyone for your help !!
  12. Does anyone have any tricks for turning down the brightness of certain elements in your displays. I have these really cool stars from holiday coro. But they are way to bright when they all turn on. I have never used an intensity file before. I thought about adding a layer of coro onto of them to defuse the light, but I am not sure whats the best method. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  13. bbass101

    Looking for "It's a Marshmallow World"

    I'd love a copy as well, if not I will work on one and send it your way. bassettb768@gmail.com Thanks
  14. bbass101

    How to stop hanging, red pixels.

    Never with those controllers, but I have had pixels stick. Sometimes I have added an extra wire to ground in the string, and that has helped. Not sure if it would help you thorough. Another thing to check is the power supply, make sure its the correct voltage when everything is powered up.