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  1. Looking for a sequence for Despecito song

    I can send you mine from Halloween. Dibblejr did all the faces. If it is OK with him I will send mine over.
  2. I've seen a couple threads for this song, but they are all from 2013. Does anyone have a copy they would be willing to share ? Thanks in advance -Ben bassettb768@gmail.com
  3. Same here if you don't mind. Already getting ready for next year :> bassettb768@gmail.com Thanks
  4. Power Suppplies On or Off?

    I don't unplug any of my gear once the show is setup. Unless we are getting really bad rain or something along those lines.
  5. Just wondering, anyone still use X10 controllers for indoor lights or whatever? With all the new "smart" technology it seems like most of it is obsolete now. Also on the topic, does anyone use X10 in there show, for turning on or off parts of a static display or similar ?
  6. Anyone doing Despacito?

    Interesting technique, do you ever use the tapper wizard ? I usually do that, and attempt to push it once on each syllable. Not perfect but is usually a good start.
  7. Anyone doing Despacito?

    @dibblejr AMAZING JOB !! Thank you very much.
  8. Hey James, Could I have a copy as well ? Thank you in advanced. Ben bassettb768@gmail.com
  9. Time Warp Halloween Faces

    I have one you can use. PM me your email.
  10. Anyone doing Despacito?

    Id also love to have a copy when you get a chance. bassettb768@gmail.com Its a very popular song. Thank you in advanced
  11. If you are still sharing I would love a copy. bassettb768@gmail.com Thanks in advance !!
  12. Triggers/Switches - need help

    http://design.stanford.edu/spdl/ME218a/pastprojects/0708/plinko/Electronics-Coin.htm Check this out. The output can then be connected in the input pup.
  13. Triggers/Switches - need help

    So im not sure how good you are with electronics but I've seen this work with a IR detection circuit. Basically its a break beam detector, a inferred light is beamed across the slot and when the coin falls in it would send a signal to trigger a sequence. Let me see what I can come up with.
  14. Anyone Want Halloween 16 Channel Sequences

    If you are still willing Id love to take a look at The Munsters and Sandstorm (Darude). bassettb768@gmail.com thanks in advance