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  1. Could you share with me please? Thanks bigsteveg@hotmail.com. I have a singing snowman
  2. I know this is an old thread, anyone have the guitar snowman prop file from HC? I've searched several threads so far and don't see it. email - bigsteveg@hotmail.com
  3. Thanks, great feedback! For now, I'm just going to tuck the extra bulbs in the back. It's getting to close to showtime at this point. Thanks Steve
  4. From initial research, sounds like I need a resistor to drain the remaining voltage.
  5. OK, I'm losing my mind on this one, anyone try shortening LED lights? I'm building the singing snowman right now and trying to shorten the LED lights for the display. I've tried two different strands and they turn on for one second and quit. It doesn't blow the fuse in the plug but they just won't work anymore. If you look at the attached picture, I'm cutting the yellow wire as it leaves the first bulb. The red and blue wire are twisted together after the last bulb. The lights are from Ace Hardware, BTW they are on sale til end of the month. Celebrations 50 Ct LED Cool WhiteTraditional Mini Light Set (40831-71)
  6. Can I get a copy? bigsteveg@hotmail.com and can I get the step by step guide as well?
  7. Can I get a copy? bigsteveg@hotmail.com I'm building my trees this month, is there a standard for channels?
  8. I'm still learning "smart" leds but I assumed smart 5050 LEDs were similar to CCR
  9. Thanks for the responses folks. I was confused thinking pixels and LEDs went hand and hand. After reading the details, I have 100 pixels and 300 LEDs. I'm not sure this is the best setup for CCR. I'll have to research but planned on doing this for next years show so I have some time to play around. Light source: SMD RGB 5050 LED LED quantity: dual lines, 60 LEDs per meter, 5 meters, total 300 LEDs Programmable IC: digital WS2811, UCS1903 IC IC quanity: 20 ICs per meter, 5 meters, total 100 ICs Pixel number: 20 pixels per meter, 5 meters, total 100 pixels Working voltage: DC 12V Power: 14.4W per meter, total 72 watts Dimension: 5000 x 20 x 2 mm (Length x Width x Thickness) Protection rate: IP20 non-waterproof is default, IP65, IP67, IP68 is available Certifications: CE, RoHS
  10. I'm moving away from the cheap Home Depot animation kit into Lights O Rama. I have been reading up on the RGB lights and just ordered WS2811 Digital 5M 60/M or 300 LEDs per strip. I've seen a bunch of different ways to control these devices; Arduino, in line controllers etc. I bought the digital versions so I can do multiple colors per string. Reading up on the PixCon16 Pixel Controller it states.... "16 strings of 170 pixels in LOR Enhanced Pixel Mode." If I read that correctly, my 300 LED WS2811 will not work with this device? It will only run up to 170 pixels.... I think the Deluxe DC Board CMB24D is for analog RGB strings since it says dumb RGB devices. Other ideas then? I bought the LOR residential starter package so far. Sorry, the RGB stuff seems to be new and a lot of directions to go. Just trying to tie them in and eventually make them permanently attached to the house to minimize setup but also have a vast amount of flexibility. Thanks, Steve
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