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  1. Found a 16 channel sequence but not much to work with.
  2. I'm trying to get one more sequence set up for this year and i'm running out of time. I'm using 144 channels. Does anybody have a wish liszt sequence they would be willing to share. My email is dwalkb02@gmail.com. I have some of it done but in the faster parts of the song, i basically get lost. Thanks
  3. I see this is a older thread. If still available, could get a copy also. Thanks dwalkb02@gmail.com
  4. New to singing faces this year. May i have a copy? Thanks. dwalkb02@gmail.com
  5. Wow, those are awesome. Thanks
  6. Im starting singing faces this year and could use any help available. If still sharing, I would love a copy. Thanks Barry dwalkb02@gmail.com
  7. My order shipped today. 5 CTB16PC kits.(9 total). 2000ft spt-1. 80 vampire plugs. Working on yr #2.
  8. I just purchased the HC singing trees. I would love to have a copy also to help me get started. Thanks. Dwalkb02@gmail.com
  9. Could i get a copy please. This is my first year with light o rama and could use any help available. Thanks email. dwalkb02@gmail.com
  10. Thanks for all the input. Looks like i will need to put a roof of some kind on it. I don't want any light shining on the rest of the christmas display. Since im using pallets for the walls, I probably need to put something on the backside of the walls to stop any light from shining through. Since this is our first year with a musical controlled display and a first for a nativity also, I definitely want this year to be as good as possible. Thanks for all the info.
  11. Mine will be plywood cutouts painted flat white in a stable area. Stable area is about 9 ft wide and 4 ft deep, 5 ft tall made from old pallets. No roof. Does have a gable designed front with a small white north star at top. I know a pic would be better but not completely set up yet.
  12. Im setting up a nativity this year and wondering if a spot or flood light would be better? Static.
  13. Im guessing not. But was able to copy and paste individually into a created fixture file and then into visualizer. It worked, took a while. Was hoping for something a little quicker.
  14. Is there a way to move a channel configuration created in SE over to the visualizer?
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