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  1. This is some animation file I am using while I am learning SS. It is about 5 minutes and has some pretty neat effects.( or I think so.) TestVisuals.zip
  2. More info. Tried exporting another sequence using same DMX addressing and leaving settings to default on both. This one did great when looking at visualizer. Added some home made floods to the sequence, one sequence did great and the other had problems. May be having problems with some of the effects?
  3. I have used the visualizer and to the lights. I am sequencing a 12 strip mega tree.
  4. I am using Superstar 4.2.6 with LOR S4. I am able to create a show with Superstar but when I export to LOR the exported file is not as in the Superstar preview, it is like it is trashed during export. I am using the visualizer with DMX pixels. All the channels are exported ok, but the other data is unusable. Any ideas?
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