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  1. Brucey

    List of issues with S5 beta

    I tried that twice and could never get past the same prompt when trying to open a sequence built under 4.x. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Brucey

    canceling from an installation - stuck

    You have to go into Task Manager and kill it in there.
  3. Brucey

    No word on S5 yet??

    One thing that I know I would have like to have seen was more pre-built effects available in Sequencer. I also would have loved to be able to do basic tasks, like simply setup an arch with a single chase to start at second 1 and slowly go across the arch and auto calculate to end at second 8 without have to manually set the timings myself. Also, and maybe it's just me, but when starting a new sequence, Sequencer seems to want to use the models I created in PE, it would have been great if it would have accepted all of the visualizations I built in Visualizer as well. This is hour 6 of the beta, let's see where it goes from here, but if these features are the only ones available, I'll see no reason to upgrade for me.
  4. Brucey

    No word on S5 yet??

    This is a beta, let's hope they add more functionality before it goes into production. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Brucey

    No word on S5 yet??

    Wow, thats exactly what I was thinking, that they're now basically mimicking the xlights way of creating sequences!! I was hoping for new models and easier way to control rgb's but I don't see it anywhere. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Brucey

    No word on S5 yet??

    Agreed. Maybe I'm missing something, but it just looks like they took PE and threw it into SE (or is it the other way around) and moved the models into a floating window. I didn't see anything 'new' in Superstar.
  7. Brucey

    List of issues with S5 beta

    Win7 and I've never had it before with any of my updates (on multiple computers as well). This is the first time it's happened to me.
  8. Brucey

    No word on S5 yet??

    Thanks, I started a new thread there
  9. Brucey

    List of issues with S5 beta

    Second issue: After rebooting my machine, and trying to go into Sequencer, I'm getting a prompt "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable" with the ability to select a path. No matter what I click, OK or Cancel, I get 'Error 1706: No valid source could be found for product Light-O-Rama. The Windows Installer cannot continue' and I have to click OK. When I click OK, I have the LOR S5 Sequencer page and it's hanging at 'Retrieving license'. One more thing, no matter what I click here, it keeps putting me into a loop and restarting this bug over and over .
  10. Here are the first couple I've encountered: After successfully installing the software, when I went into Sequencer, it told me that I would need up assign a visualization file for the first pre5 sequence (I'm running 4.3.14). I selected the second option (the middle one) but it never let me click OK or anything and the app just froze and I had to kill the app.
  11. Brucey

    No word on S5 yet??

    Too bad it won't let me upload a picture...says I can only upload files 20K in size
  12. Brucey

    No word on S5 yet??

    Hey Admins, where do we report bugs?? I've hit 2 already and just installed it: Here's 1 (and this was after a reboot)
  13. Brucey

    No word on S5 yet??

    I just couldn't get the time due to prior commitments, but hopefully for those of us left behind, we'll hear something soon...
  14. Surprised no ones making comments from the expo....Curious as to what it's going to do (besides merging SE/VI/PE)....
  15. Brucey

    File size...

    Thanks for that. Unfortunately most of my sequencing has been done in SE because I found it easier to program in Xlights then import them into the LMS (xlights seemed to give me easier controls over the RGB timings for the arches). This year, I completely got rid of all of my a/c controllers and moved exclusively to RGB and not sure how to get the same functionality through PE/SS as Xlights without having to import the huge files into SE as LMS.