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  1. Do an internet search on 'free LOR (or spelled out) sequences' and you will get a wealth of information. A few below. Some even include the music in the zip file. https://onedrive.live.com/?id=12DA06131DAB505A%21106&cid=12DA06131DAB505A http://christmasoutloud.com/sequences/ChristmasOutLoud/2013/ http://highcountrylights.com/links/free-sequences.html
  2. No, we are just doing LED lights that LOR is now calling "Classic Lights"! Thanks to everyone for your input.
  3. Yes, once you put it that way I do understand it isn't feasible. Basically what he had in mind is below. What he has been doing is cutting and pasting my 1-2, 1-3 & 1-4 up to his 1-1. He is just going to have to be patient.
  4. My brother decided to bite the bullet and bought controllers at the last sale. I gave him all my sequences and he has started to edit them to suit his configuration. The problem is that I have twice the number of channels that he has. He has been patiently cutting and pasting. Last night he called me and asked me if he couldn't just assign the same channel twice in a sequence. I honestly didn't know of any reason why this couldn't be done but before I give him bad information, I thought I'd better ask. Is this possible or does it lead to problems?
  5. I've started to dismantle my system so there is little testing I can do at this point. I've kept out my small trees and one of the two controllers that are the worst offenders. I've been in communication with LOR help desk and they have not been able to provide any solution. They want me to send them the controllers to see what their techs can find. This was my communication with the help desk on January 3: Thanks for all the help with this but I'm not getting anywhere with it. Here is a summary of what I've done:Replaced all cat5e cables with new ones.Examines all RJ-45 jacks and found nothing that looked out of the ordinary.Yesterday before I started to disassemble my system I decided to do a few tests to see what would happen. The circuits that are the most obvious are out of units 2 and 4 . I reassigned the unit's IDs making unit 1 unit 2, unit 2 unit 1, unit 4 unit 3 and unit 3 unit 4. I repluged all the lights into the appropriate plugs for the circuit. Then I did a refresh of the comm. It found all 8 units. I tried the sequence and the results were unchanged and identical to what I had originally had. The next test I did was completely disconnect all the cat5 cables to go directly from the USB485 to unit 4 and ran the sequence. The problem was still there. I did the same thing for unit 2. The problem was still there. But there was one thing I found very interesting and that was when I refreshed the comm for the unit 2 test, it found an unidentified object and was showing I had 32 channels. So I told it to turn all the lights on to see what the extra lights could be (this is really impossible since there was no longer any units daisy chained together.) and only one channel out of the 32 came on. In theory at least 16 channels should have come on. Please keep in mind that I completely changed out the laptop running the show so I can't see it being a USB port problem or a software issue because the results were unchanged between the two computers. I have not put the units away yet but can't see further inspection or testing would result in uncovering the problem since changing out the units resulted in the same issue. I can't help but think the USB485 has to be the culprit. The help desk suggested reloading the software which I did. I had been running v4.3.14 now I'm running v4.3.26. This was my January 6 reply: Well, as you say, no joy. The worst sequence behaved just as it had with the old software. And I noticed that at another spot in the sequence it was behaving as it should for my arches which are controlled by unit 4, the other worst offender. Again the comm refresh found two units even though only one unit is even plugged in let alone daisy chained. It identified the following units:Unit 02 - Unknown Device ??? (see attachment) and Unit 03 - Boot Loader CCF I did the all lights on test and at least it did turn on all the circuits on, I know it is not the sequence. Or at least I don't think it can be. I don't think I mentioned it but one night I completed recreated the sequence with two side by side computers one with the old sequence to act as a road map and the other computer as the blank canvas. I didn't use any templates. The only thing they had in common was the music and the software. The new sequence behaved just like the old one which by the way did perform exactly as it should the first night I loaded it. It wasn't until the next night that it started going wonky. I have attachment what I sent. So I am going to send one of the units back to see if it has some internal problem that I don't have any method of detection. Thanks for everyone's support.
  6. Jim, I'd be happy to send you the sequence. I may not be able to get it to you until tomorrow but I'll send it. Do you need all the peripheral files or just the LMS file? I spent last night recreating the sequence from scratch so when I get it done, I'm going to try it out to see if it gets corrupted.
  7. Thanks for the response. LOR help desk suggested something similar but it didn't help. It doesn't happen with every sequence. I know I have four sequences that are obviously affected. I have one sequence that is the worst so last night I started to recreate it from scratch not using any templates. I'll finish it this morning and see where it goes. This particular sequence was finished a few weeks ago and ran perfectly the first night. It wasn't until the second night that the "bug' showed up. We are hovering around 80 here...
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. So far nothing has helped. Yesterday I completely changed out my cat5 cables and that did nothing. So I'll give it a shot and reload the software to see if that helps. Thanks again.
  9. Forgot to add that the sequence with the chase routine was completed a couple of weeks ago. As I normally do when I complete a sequence, I sat outside and watched it to make sure it was what I wanted. There were no issues with the sequence. That issue didn't appear for a couple of days. I had not touched the sequence after it was added to my show.
  10. Sorry I guess I didn't answer your question. Yes, they seem to come on at the same point in the four sequences I've identified as having problems. It is not the same routine for each sequence; one has the chase sequence, one has arches issues one has two segments of my seven segment ray coming on when they shouldn't and one has the same ray segments not coming on when they should. This is not a power issue because all the string do light up correctly in other sequences. "the problem is almost certainly that it is in the sequence that way." no to this possibility. The worst offender is the chase sequence so I went in to the sequence editor for that sequence and highlighted all the cells that were not "On" and turned them all off just in case. It had no effect on the issue. I can understand that maybe an "oops" could happen but a chase sequence is too complicated for accidental creation at a low level of illumination. And I think I would certainly remember if I had scheduled a chase sequence at say 5% on.
  11. This morning I changed out the computer with a different one, reloaded the sequences and audio (from my backups) and created a new show on that computer. Since it is still daylight I can't really tell if it is still constant with the old set up but I can see that I am still getting a chase routine that shouldn't be there and my arches aren't responding on the blue channel but they perform perfectly on other sequences. Tonight I am thinking about going out to buy new cat5 cables. I sequence using a mouse to select the cells and then right click to chose what I want them to do. I've opened a ticket with LOR. I don't know if they can help
  12. I do have one instance where the cat5 cable and a power cable are bundled but those are the last two boxes in my configuration and are not the ones causing the most notable problems. Next year when I put the lights up I'll fix that but it isn't an easy fix as the bundle is elevated over the driveway. It certainly isn't insurmountable but how much separation would be required?
  13. I've gone from bad to worse! Now I've got entire routines going on that aren't even part of that sequence! As an example, I've got nine smaller trees that are chasing and nowhere in that entire sequence do they chase according to the sequence I created. Last night I confirmed that all my sequences are correct. Today I am trading out the computer that I am using to run the show. I haven't mentioned it but my shows were created with the simple show builder. This morning I built another show with the show and schedule editors. This is extremely frustrating.
  14. Sorry I didn't get back sooner but family activities had to come first. I ran the verifier utility and all I got was warnings about channels being completely off. So I went in to the hardware utility and each strand came on as it should. They responded when I told them to fade and to twinkle etc. I was out looking last night and I saw several other instances of strings coming on when they shouldn't. If I have time tonight I will verify all my sequences just in case I do have a goof which is probably a few isolated cases but a new sequence I just loaded a couple of night ago has the same two ray strands coming on. The really annoying thing is that I have an all white sequence that has one red tree coming on for a split second! I'm also thinking I may highlight and use the delete key to clear everything in non-illuminated cells. I figure it can't hurt. Could this possibly be the CAT5 cables?
  15. A few nights ago I was out in my yard checking the lights to make sure everything was functioning when I noticed string number one on my mega tree was coming on when it shouldn't. I observed the lights for a while and noticed that string one and segment 5 of my arches where coming on at the same time when they should not be on at all. They are controlled by different boxes. I also noticed that both strings came on when they should according to how I sequenced them but also lite unexpectedly. I checked the sequences and everything was proper. The next day I reloaded the sequences from my backup in case something had been corrupted. That night my program failed to start so I created a new program and got it started. Observing the lights again, the original problem had gone away but now segments one and two of my up-ray and one of my small trees was coming on when they shouldn't. And they were all coming on at the same time. I doubt that anyone would notice the problem but I know my sequences and it just pops out at me when something is wrong. It's really more of an annoyance than anything else. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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