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  1. May I please have a copy of this as well? commwagg24@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. can I get a copy of this as well commwagg24@gmail.com THANKS!
  3. If I could get this as I well I would appreciate it. commwagg24@gmail.com
  4. Thanks Doc, and then what do you use to make the plug ends. Is there something you prefer?
  5. I am working on making these for the first time. How difficult is it to cut these and add plugs at the end? Is there somewhere I should look for instructions on this?
  6. Can I get this as well? I don't need the faces. Thanks! Commwagg24@gmail.com
  7. Does anyone have Pentatonix, any song, that is not singing faces? I just need real help with the timing. It is just becoming so apparent I have to rhythm anywhere in my body. Thanks, Bill
  8. Can I please have a copy of this as well? Thanks, commwagg24@gmail.com
  9. can I get this as well? Thanks commwagg24@gmail.com
  10. Can I please get a copy as well? Thanks, commwagg24@gmail.com
  11. May I please get a copy of this as well? my kids are going to freak out. Commwagg24@gmail.com
  12. Are you integrating this into your show via projector or via your pixels. I was thinking about trying to run video clips on a projector with this system.
  13. Any chance you are still sharing? I am building my own faces now! Commwagg24@gmail.com
  14. So what website is your go to for new lights? I am biting the bullet and switching over LED this year and I need to get a bunch of lights in bulk. Any ideas? Thanks, Bill
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