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  1. Can I get this as well? I don't need the faces. Thanks! Commwagg24@gmail.com
  2. Does anyone have Pentatonix, any song, that is not singing faces? I just need real help with the timing. It is just becoming so apparent I have to rhythm anywhere in my body. Thanks, Bill
  3. Can I please have a copy of this as well? Thanks, commwagg24@gmail.com
  4. can I get this as well? Thanks commwagg24@gmail.com
  5. Can I please get a copy as well? Thanks, commwagg24@gmail.com
  6. May I please get a copy of this as well? my kids are going to freak out. Commwagg24@gmail.com
  7. Are you integrating this into your show via projector or via your pixels. I was thinking about trying to run video clips on a projector with this system.
  8. Any chance you are still sharing? I am building my own faces now! Commwagg24@gmail.com
  9. So what website is your go to for new lights? I am biting the bullet and switching over LED this year and I need to get a bunch of lights in bulk. Any ideas? Thanks, Bill
  10. JR, Thanks for your help last night! My show is up and running! My LOR controllers had changed their unit id's and that was causing the issue I believe.
  11. Still cant figure mine out so any help would be great. Still showing no port selected.
  12. Sorry here is the second image. Also attached a screenshot of the hardware utility. Not attached to the LOR now, but normally I auto configure and it goes to comm 4. I can't find network preferences in sequence editor. Is that a thing?
  13. Alan, I don't have pro so my software looks different. What's killing me is this was working yesterday. here are some screen shots. The first one is the lower right of my sequence editor. In the lower right of the software I have an orange box. When I go over that it say comms: no ports set. The second on is this simple LOR network configuration showing port com 4 selected. When I use the hardware utility it goes to port com 4 and the lights work. Where is the hardware editor? I have a second controller daisy chained and the hardware utility doesn't see that one. Am I missing something? I swear I had this working yesterday. Both controllers and all the channels. Went to do a final test tonight and it didn't work.
  14. Did we find out what happened? I am having the exact same issue. In sequence editor it' saying no comm ports connected and is orange. It works in the hardware utility bit not running a sequence. I know I have to configure the comm port but can't remember how to do that in the sequence editor.
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