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  1. This is the main one I am looking for, as well. quintank@aol.com
  2. I would love a copy, if it is still available. Thanks! quintank@aol.com
  3. Is there any way to change the RGB Channel background to something other than Black? I use a lot of custom colors to get true pumpkin orange, purples and warm whites, but, they are verrrrrrry dark in the sequencer. Therefore, they get lost in the black background and I can barely see them and, thus, see what I am doing. I would love to change the background to a normal grey or something, just so my colors show up. Yes, I know I can click the drop-down and see the three color rows - that is not what I mean. If this is not already possible, can we look at adding this feature? Thanks.
  4. Aaaarggghhhh...and now, as I come close to the season, I realize I can't run a Background sequence or concurrent Animation Sequences...wish I would have known this before I got the mini-director...now, it is basically useless to me...wasted money.
  5. So, I have a u MP3g3 mini-director, which is great....but, I have to use either the Simple Show Builder or the HWU to write my sequences to the SD card. Both of these applications are extremely weak for building a show. Neither lets you save a show to come back and edit it later - you have to build a show from scratch each time. Also, they don't let you add the same sequence multiple times, such as a voice-over announcement. Why not let us use the Show Editor, as well, to write to the SD Card. I feel like we are being punished for purchasing this extra hardware from you to run our show. Time to update across the board. Thanks.
  6. So, I have seen it both ways, but, do most folks put a short filler between songs, or just run one song after another? Which seems better? Thanks!
  7. This is exactly why I am on the forum tonight, as well. I can click the shortcuts for SuperStar all day long, but nothing happens. I even right-clicked the LOR control panel and tried to start it that way, but nothing happens. Help! Help!
  8. So, we have Play and Stop Sequencer on the Visualizer window, but, I use "Play Again" much more...can we get a "Play Again" button on the Viz as well? I looked around for a feature request section, but could not find one.
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