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  1. YES that did it... hardware utility WAS running, i wasnt sure if that needed to be on after i did all the config work on there!!! now its off and works . thanks a lot!!!
  2. this is my second year using the light o rama. for some reason my controllers are not playing my sequences while plugged into my laptop using the software suite v4.3.14? am i missing something? last year i remember after testing my lights and making sure the controllers are properly on the hardware config section, i then simply hit play on my sequence editor and the lights were all playing/working. ive made sure my controllers are all working (lights are on solid and the com ports are all labeled correctly.) i tested the lights on the hardware config section individually and they work fine. i just cant seem to get the sequence editor to play the lights with the sequences? im not sure if it was the software update that messed it up. (and yes i made sure i hit "control lights" under the play menu of the sequence editor too). any help would greatly be appreciated. thanks
  3. ok, after half n hour, it was as simple as a restart and everything is syncing now... thanks this can be closed
  4. ive been using lor sequencer since last christmas.....but now that christmas is starting again, im a bit rusty...long story short, i went from version 4.2.6 to 4.3.14.... and none of my stuff are syncing to my visualizer...normally i can just press play simulation and all my sequences would automatically work...that is no longer the case... i made sure on my sequence editor the "control visualizer" is checked... still nothing... this is driving me nuts..wish i didnt update it!! any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  5. thank you, ill msg you directly. ive been trying to figure this out for the last hour and even updated my lor suite version...no luck...im about to throw my laptop out the window!!!
  6. is this able to be view the waveform of the audio file? im curious because im trying to get a new sequence going with my mp3 file of crystalize and it doesnt show ..ive done everything to convert the mp3 file...no luck in showing the waveform...
  7. im having the same issue, i cant get the waveform to appear for some odd reason?? im on windows 10 also... can anyone please help??
  8. ill take a copy thanks! vmatheboss@gmail.com
  9. hi james, me again! can you please send me a copy! thanks vmatheboss@gmail.com
  10. ok i think i got it from youtube.... apparently i needed to have only dipswitch 8 up to represent LOR ID 2..... i reset the power a few times on the controllers and it seems like its working fine now
  11. problem is i bought the cmb24d used and assembled already. i see the dipswitch and it goes from 1- 12....only 7 and 9 are on.... not sure what that means? but the controller works..i just need to keep resetting the unit id to number 2 after i pull the power....
  12. I have a ct16 controller along with a cmb24d. so far everything is working fine once the unit id's have been set. Tested lights on sequence editor and even in test mode, works great. Now, I disconnect the power on both the ct16 and cmb24d (controls 8 floods), come home a bit later and reconnect to work on my sequences again, the cmb24 does not function (red light is stable, and no issues on the controller), so i have to open up hardware utility again and change the unit id back to 2 again (my ct16 is unit id 1) , then it works. So does is there a save button for after setting my unit id?? I didnt see one, so after I set the unit id, I exited the HU and proceeded with editing and testing my sequences again.... I'm scared this will happen when my controllers are outdoors, I dont want to have to disconnect anything to reset my unit id again! Seems like it happens when the power is pulled.
  13. I know that many controllers can be linked together with the ct16, but is that the same with the cmb24d? I'm thinking of buying another cmb24d with rgb ribbons (dumb). so I would like to link a ct16 with 2 cmb24d controllers, will that work fine? I know the 1st cmb24 controller will be connected via cat5 to the ct16, then will the 2nd cmb24d connect via cat5 from the 1st cmb24d controller?
  14. gotcha, thank you for clarifying that. i sent you a pm btw. thanks again.
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