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  1. what do i wrong?

    Hello, For this year i found the pixel editor and want to use it. i made a 16 ccr tree in the pixel editor I found out that i have to export mij file from superstar sequencer to SE (from .sup to .lms) i have a 24 ccr licence so far no problem, the 16 ccr tree works in the pixel editor whit effect generator. But in the file i load are some lines and things, i see them in my Sequence Editor, but not in the pixel editor when i load the .lms file. What do i wrong or is it not possible what i want. I want to make a file in superstar sequencer and load the file in pixel editor for the fine tune. thanks, Mark
  2. Hello, This year i want to expand my show whit a beamer and a lot of more pixels (but the last is not the problem) I found out that i can import a video om LOR, i also can start the beamer with LOR But i cant find a good program for videomapping. i want to make a movie in the program than save it as a movie (a lot off programs can't save as a movie type) And i want to make it with music, so that i can paste the movies on the music. (later i remove the music and let it play with LOR) Can anybody help me with a good program? The problem is not that i don't want to buy it, but that i don't know what to buy. Greetz, Mark (the Netherlands)
  3. Projector trigger with LOR?

    Hello, I also have a projector 3400 lumen and want to try to use it in my show. After a lot off reading i think i know how to do it. -i have a projector when i put power on it it wil start up. so i can use LOR to start up the projector. (was a setup in the menu off the projector) - i saw that i can make a second screen in LOR where i can put a video on it. so far so good. But i can't find a good videomapping program where i can put in a music file and than can make the video mapping movie on the music. so i can save it as a movie en paste it in LOR, sow that the video mapping movie run togeter with the show. what is a good videomapping program ?? greetz, Mark
  4. Hello, I want to made a very long ledstring about 10-14 meter. I have 5m led strings with 50 pixels (3 leds a pixel) Is it posible to make them one? so i only have to use one channel. Or do i have problems whit the power? Thank you, Mark
  5. Let It Go - Singing Face

    Can i have a copy to? I buy it for my 16 ccr tree so it wont be nice to play it togeter. mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl greetz, Mark
  6. Pixel sequences

    Ok works fine with fillezilla upload some 12 and 16 ccr sequences. If everyone upload 1 or 2 sequences we have a great Christmas greetz, Mark
  7. Pixel sequences

    i can log in now whit google chroome, but downloading is a problem.
  8. Pixel sequences

    can't log in.
  9. wow great i love the minions, can i get a copy of it? or where can i buy this sequences ? Or maybe we can trade some 16 ccr sequences? mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl
  10. copy and paste posible

    Thank you Brain, I found it. Greetz,Mark
  11. copy and paste posible

    I look on the LOR site and have the new version. But how i open 2 sequences, when i open 1 and open a other one the first is gone(closed) by the sequende editor i see on my tab diverent sequences but i dont see that on the superstar sequencer greetz, Mark
  12. copy and paste posible

    i am running with 24_ccr Version 4.3.14
  13. copy and paste posible

    Hello, is it posible to copy and paste in Superstar Sequencer? Is it posible to open 2 sequences in superstar seqencer, just like in the sequence editor? I made some pictures and want them to copy in a other sequence. thanks, Mark
  14. Error loading seqeunce.

    Thanks, i found it, the song was shorter dan my effects. I make the song 3 seconds longer and the problem is gone. Thanks, Mark
  15. Looking for Minions jingle bells

    would love a copy if still sharing!! love those minions! thank you mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl