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  1. mdnooyer


    Thanks James, I spend some time to rebuild it, for my house. But is amazing, when it is ready i put it on a dropbox. Here is a preview from your sequence, i used S5 beta. youtube example Thanks again, Mark
  2. mdnooyer


    Hello, Can i have a copy to? i am searching for Thunderstruck for a frend off my. as a supprise because he is a big fan off them. mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl Thanks, Mark
  3. thank you greetz, from a cold and wet Netherlands
  4. mdnooyer

    problems with copying

    problems with copying S 5.0.16 Desktop i7 windows 10 64 bits, Laptop i5 windows 10 64 bits. I make the sequences in S5 on my desktop with 2 screens. And have a laptop where I play them with S5. When I copy the sequences to the laptop, everything seems to work well. But he does not take over everything, then miss things. I also lost the 2nd and 3rd layer of my 16ccr tree. I have the same with more pixel strips where I used 2 layers or more. When I create playback files and play them with S4, I do not have that problem. I copy everything with that name to the laptop, or do I forget files that are somewhere else? gr, Mark
  5. mdnooyer

    color too white on 16 ccr tree

    I think the problem is i made them in S5 and then i create playback files. So i can play them on my laptop with S4, because i have some problems with S5 to play them 100%. I made it in S5 with the SS (in S5) make pictures from animated gifs. And place them as a picture in SS on the music, and there i think is the problem. Greetz, Mark
  6. Hi, I have a problem that I have not really found on the forum. When I use my old sequences with S4 I have beautiful full colors. Now I have used S5 and in the preview it looks nice. But in reality the colors are not so beautiful, yellow is more white. In short, my colors on my 16 ccr tree are white. I use S5 to make it, create playback files and play it with S4 Did this because I did not manage everything with S5. Now go and put the new S5 (5.0.16) on my laptop. I use my laptop to control the lighting. Make it on my desktop PC with 2 screens. Can I adjust the colors? I know that in the past the colors were changed if you made something in SS and made a sequence file of it. The colors seemed different in S4 than in SS but on the 16 ccr tree everything looked nice. greetz, Mark
  7. do you have a mailadres? greetz, Mark
  8. mdnooyer

    This is for all ACDC Fans

    Hello, Would you send me a copy to of AC/DC mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl thanks, Mark
  9. mdnooyer

    4 circles in S5

    Hello, How can i put 4 circels into S5 ? I have some .sup files but how and what do i have to make in S5? I can make 1 circle but i can't split the sup files i buy. thanks, Mark
  10. Would like to have a copy. mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl Thanks, Mark
  11. mdnooyer

    Christmas Count Down Sequence Pixel

    Would like to have a copy mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl Thanks, Mark
  12. Running on 5.0.14 have the same problem, canĀ“t import old sequences from S4. greetz, Mark
  13. I have 16 channels, a 16 channel ccr Tree, 24 Pixelsticks, 4 singing faces (dmx) and o lot of other DMX lights. mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl Thanks, Mark
  14. Hello, does anyone have "it's beginning to look alot like Christmas" for a 16 ccr tree? mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl Thanks, Mark