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  1. What do you need? 16 ccr or 4 faces and what kind off songs do you need? is it possible to make a wishlist? greetz, Mark
  2. I would like to have a copy mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl Thanks!!
  3. Let It Snow LMS Faces and Pixel

    I would like to have a copy mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl Thanks!!
  4. Charile Brown Skating Pixel

    Hello, Would like to have a copy to. mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl Greetz, Mark
  5. Hello, Would like to have a copy to. mdnooyer@zeelandnet.nl Greetz, Mark
  6. No image during playback

    problem solved in 5.0.12
  7. Light dont work on 5.0.10

    Hi Matt, My lamps are working just now, When I start the sequence I have 5 seconds image on my preview screen. And my leds are doing fine too. But after 5 seconds I do not have any more preview and also stop my leds. S5 just goes on and also has sound, but no preview and output more. I have put it back to 4.3.24 and then no more problem. It is a Dell laptop 4th gen, 8 gig 256 ssd drive windows 10 64 bits. and I've installed 5.0.10. I love S5 and can not wait for the final version.
  8. Light dont work on 5.0.10

    Hi Matt, I think i forget, Tools>control lights enebled. Is that new? i don't have to do that in 4.3 For the rest i check everything twice. I'am going to try it, let you know Mark
  9. Hey, Maybe I have a stupid question. But my leds don't work on 5.0.10 If I put on my laptop (Dell i5 windows 10 64bits) 4.3 then everything works. If I update to 5.0.10 then there will be no more LED's working. I have tried it (Dell i5 windows 7) on my desktop computer, with i normal use for my show. But it don't work at 5.0.10 if I downgrade to 4.3 then everything works again. Ask me now does it works on 5.0.10 ? or what do i wrong? Use alphapix 16, pixelsticks and LOR DMX.
  10. No image during playback

    Hello, i make a movie from the problem. Windows 10 64bits, Intel i7, LOR 5.0.10 http://www.loekey.nl/Downloads/s5.mp4 hope it will works
  11. Hello Quickly downloaded 5.0.10 and hoped it was resolved. But still have the same problem. When I open a file, I do not see anything on the playback screen. If I then go to manage preview, then click modiy. Then I change all props to something different and back again to the normal. And I see my 16 ccr tree and my fire sticks again in the playback screen. If I save it and open again later, I will not have an image again during playback. And then I have to change all the props again if I have a picture again. M. de Nooijer Windows 10, Intel i7, LOR 5.0.10
  12. Sorry found it on the FrontPage