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  1. Alan, I appreciate the reply and that is a great idea on setting things up separately for testing. However, It seems like the only way to export is to put it all in network preferences first, then I can "save/export" and then import if needed. I don't think I was clear though in my question. I'm using an entirely DMX network and I have right at 500 universes. This means I have to go in and set the IP address, labels and universe number 500 times. Since these things are all already set in my Sequencer preview I'd think you could export that and import it into the network? It seems like this should be possible even if it's through the CSV export. Thanks all!
  2. In the network preferences there is a button to import a configuration (It's a .LIV file). Is there a way to export a preview I've built in sequencer and import it in the network preferences? This would save a ton of time! If not what can I export that would import here? Thanks
  3. I have 6 smart stars. For some reason the effects started seeing all 6 stars as 1 Prop and spreading the effect over them. Which is great for some things but now I'm unable to put the stars into a group and just apply a single effect that plays on each star. How can I put them into a group but have them be there own star. Otherwise I'm stuck copy and pasting 6 times. Thanks!
  4. I want to create a Prop that is laid out in 2 different ways. On one I want to build it using 'lines-unconnected' then I want to create the exact same Prop using 'Matrix-Vertical-Rectangle'. This allows me to use the same prop in two totally different ways... much like "Default" did here using 'nested' and 'preview'. My Issue is that I can't figure out how to put the 2 Props on the same DMX address. Is this possible? Thanks
  5. I'm adding some new pixel elements and when I put them in a group they are not displaying. I'm adding four strands of lights into a group labeled 'LED Strip Center'. If I preview each string individually it shows fine but the group shows nothing. (unless I change it to a nested group)
  6. I'm looking into the possibility of hiring someone to sequence a song for our Christmas show. I will supply all the necessary master patch files, all you will need to do is sequence the song. Our show is done with live musicians so timing to the music is very important. The song will be around 4 minutes. If you are used to sequencing down to the 1/10 of a second If you are familiar with both dumb and smart lights in LOR If you have programmed sequences with over 15,000 lights If you are ok with having someone looking over your shoulder and making changes based on feedback If you can program on this level https://vimeo.com/304455361#t=10m34s Communication and progress updates are a must If you think you can sequence on this level feel free to send me some of your projects. Pay scale is open for negotiation and will be paid out based on progress.
  7. I am running a HolidayCoro AlphaPix 16 Controller and using the RS485 interface (Here's the spec page) output to a dumb pixel controller. I am getting a random glitch but I'm not sure where the issue is.... Here's what I know. It doesn't glitch on all the lights on the universe only some. Over time which lights are glitching changes. None of the smart lights out on the AlphaPix glitch, only dumb lights using the RS485 output. It's different dumb controllers Lights later in the dmx chain continue to work. HolidayCoro support is useless Here are a couple videos showing the problem. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ePzPPkZfgtu3X_PKYathSAyLG8G38rN6/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ntdrr2sdG1aW70kPqq1H2JoSArZyJMrs/view?usp=sharing Thanks for any suggestions.
  8. Has anyone hit a universe limit in LoR? Last year I used just under 50 universes and this year will be about double that. Anyone using this many universes have any advice? Thanks
  9. Good idea on using the fill in tool. Still think this could be easier but that does cut down on the steps. Thanks!
  10. Ok. What your saying is LOR just isn't setup for easy RGB use.... The "fade down" makes perfect sense with a normal channel. Turn on channel, select fade tool, select channels.... done. But with RGB... Select color tool, Select color, set "on" range on channel, change first color to black, select "fade up" range on channel, change first color back to original color, change second color to black, select "fade down" range on channel I know I can set a saved tool but any time I change the color I have to repeat this process... Is that it or am I missing something?
  11. Don, that's what I started doing but it seems like a couple extra steps.... No way to do this with the provided tools I guess?
  12. I am trying to fade down dumb RGB channels. This works fine as long as my colors are Red, Green or Blue. I I try to fade a mixture of the colors it turns the color to white. Please don't say fade each channel individually. At over 1000 channels no one has time for that...
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