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    Baseball, football, basketball, building structures, building light shows, electrical engineering, and computer development and designing.
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    I learned about LOR through youtube and through mixed sites from around the web. I now own a massive light show with over 30k lights and was self taught.
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  1. If you are still sharing, id love to get a copy. Thanks! deervalleylights@gmail.com
  2. Would love a copy of this if I could please. Thanks! deervalleylights@gmail.com
  3. Could I get a copy of this please? Thanks! deervalleylights@gmail.com
  4. Could I possibly get a copy of this as well? Thanks so much! deervalleylights@gmail.com
  5. Could i please get a copy of this for my show as well? Thanks so much and Merry Christmas! phoenixtules44@gmail.com
  6. Looks awesome! It would be awesome if i could get a copy of this as well. thanks! phoenixrules44@gmail.com
  7. If i could get this sequence i would really appriciate it! I would love to get this done and finished before the end of the season. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas! phoenixrules44@gmail.com
  8. could i get a copy please? thanks! phoenixrules44@gmail.com
  9. I would love to have this sequence in my light show for the 2015 year! Thanks so much! Email: phoenixrules44@gmail.com
  10. would love to have apart of my light show! Thanks so much! Email: phoenixrules44@gmail.com
  11. Could i also get a copy of this? I would love to put this in my show for the 2015/2016 year! Thanks! Email: phoenixrules44@gmail.com
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