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  1. Did Not Seem To be included in the last email. I would love this, Thank You!!! kbr0125@gmail.com
  2. James Needs an award!!!! most active member i see on the sequence sharing. Top Community Member!!! Would love to try them out if you have time. kbr0125@gmail.com
  3. I would love this, Thank You!!! kbr0125@gmail.com
  4. Would like. Copy of sequence of possible. Thanks Kbr0125@gmail.com
  5. would love pentonix sequences if you have time. Kbr0125@gmail.com
  6. 5tb is a good chunk of storage. Need christmas aswell Kbr0125@gmail.com
  7. Would love christmas songs as well. Kbr0125@gmail.com What type of storage do you all use for backups?
  8. Would love to have it. Kbr0125@gmail.com
  9. I would greatly appreciate as well Thank you Kbr0125@gmail.com
  10. Could i get a copy of it as well. kbr0125@gmail.com Wife favorite song and would love to throw it in the mix.
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