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  1. My plan is to create a SpiderWeb for Halloween and was wondering a few things. First some facts: It will be 8 feet across There is a total of 81 linear feet to the prop I figured that if I would/could string it all in one shot I would use 5 * 50 lights strings Is that even possible, meaning how would I program the effects afterwards ? Or should I simply string along center axles and then contours etc etc ? Can it be done in S5 regular or do I absolutely need Superstar to programs different effects such as light chasing etc ? Anyone out there has done this before ? Any toughts or tips on this ? Thanks for your input
  2. Look like it is the way it is hein ? You guys have a recommended supplier out there ?
  3. A sa Newbie, I am now understanding that I not only need electrical extensions but I also need 18AWG extensions to go from one prop to the next or to be able to fully use a controller. I am also seeing that all different light suppliers use their own proprietary pigtails. How do you guys deal with all that ? Is there a standard connector somewhere ? What suppliers do you suggest ? What is max distance with the 18AWG ? Any good deals out there for 18AWG ? PS can one use standard CAT5 cable to extend pixels, seems it would be less expensive....
  4. I would love those ! Please send: faxplus@hotmail.com
  5. That website does not exist, mispelled by any chance ?
  6. I am trying to setup my ribbons for my roof, the ribbon needs to be divided in segments. so I can control one segment at a time., waht am I doing wrong ?
  7. looks like I tried and failed this project lol, I will go back and create new figures with 12mm holes and insert the RGB'S, as one of you has on his signature: KISS,Keep It Simple Stupid......
  8. How do you guys attach the lights to your gutters ? What are the different scenarios for attaching square pixels, bullets and ribbons so it still looks clean during daytime ?
  9. Anyone knows how to modify incandescent string by shortening them without burning out everything ? Some type or resistance or other component ? Are LED mini lights ridden with the same problem or can we cut the strings short without any ill effect ? (Burn out ?)
  10. I have coroplast props with holes meant for mini-lights and I want to replace the mini lights with adressable RGB’s. Is there such a thing available somewhere ?
  11. Your lonk led me to this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33021798836.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.22e23c000kSwOt&gps-id=shopcart_buyagain&scm=1007.13440.95620.0&scm_id=1007.13440.95620.0&scm-url=1007.13440.95620.0&pvid=4e502bd1-2fe3-4cc3-955d-ac9127cc1d90 Outdoor panels for a lower price, your opinion ? Ps what is the scan rate's meaning ?
  12. I am dead serious, I just need to find the right stuff and place an order in the next few days. I am a newbie but starting somewhat strong ( weel maybe not by you guys standard lol) 1 got 2 * 16 channels AC 3 Pixie 8 1 pixie 16 3 CCII ribbons 8 RGB Floods Close to 2 000 lights to start with not counting the matrix I want to setup Lights, bulbs etc, want to be ready for Halloween (62 days - 2 weeks so it 's up for a little while at least) So yes, I am serious lol Seriously infected the wife would say PS why choose indoor panels if we are setting them up outside ? Price point is better ? or better control of weather in an enclosure ?
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