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  1. JR, If you are still sharing please may I get a copy? Along with instructions if you would.... I need to re-learn (likely do a little remapping) as I'm upgrading to S5. j.ian.martin@hotmail.com thank you very much!!!
  2. scubanimal

    CCR arches in S5

    Another vote for CCP strings. In addition to the advantage that Jim pointed out, I've found that it was much easier bouncing between SS and S5 sequencer with CCP then the CCR/CCB, and cleaner as well. My $0.02, Ian
  3. scubanimal

    Importing props from Boscoyo

    Yes, I get the message: "Unable to retrieve data for: Boscoyo Studios" I've been getting it for nearly a week now.
  4. scubanimal

    Snoopy Vers Red Baron Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    Hi James, If you're still sending this, I have this in my show, but my faces are black, so I would love to have a copy to work with. Thank you very much !!!!! j.ian.martin@hotmail.com Ian
  5. scubanimal

    ACDC Thunderstruck Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    James, if you're still sharing, I'd love a copy, thank you very much !!!! j.ian.martin@hotmail.com Thank you!!
  6. scubanimal

    Best to start in s4 or s5

    Guys, I would agree whole heartily, except for one tiny little detail....... if you're starting out brand new to all this. Then one key thing you need is the Help files, and the tutorials, and as far as I can find those don't yet exist for S5. I agree ideally starting with S5 would be my recommendation too, some really nice improvements over S4, but they likely will need even more help than the typical newbie...... Just a thought.....
  7. scubanimal

    importing s4 sequences into s5

    Interesting, your pixel channels worked, but your AC channels did not???? hmm for most of us its the other way around. A couple of suggestions. First, in the preview, double check that second tab at the top and take care of any conflicts, channel assignments sometimes have not translated right (at least on mine). Review the videos Default made see this thread Then after that, if your still having problems, the first place I would recommend you start is with your preview, getting that right is making a world of difference for me. Good luck !!! I'm sure Light-o-Rama will get those tutorials out as soon as they can, but from all the things I've done, its got to be very challenging. I bounced a few times to S5 then back to S4, then back to S5, I'm finally making some decent headway but its been challenging. I really like what S5 has to offer, and can see future growth that will make it even better. But such a change from S4 is going to be tough for a lot of us. Happy lighting ...
  8. scubanimal

    S5 visualizer Question CCB

    Matt, . Thank you very much. Using the prop def works great, moving the vertexes changes the count per segment. Note, a right click did not give me a " insert vertex" though it did give me a insert segment however that did not seem to do anything. But using the prop def to insert worked perfect. Thank you!!! I was really stuck with CCBs not being able to import right I think now by making new props & groups it should work!
  9. scubanimal

    How to import from SS to S5

    thank you Matt, looks like a wealth of info in that thread in addition to the video. Work has tied me up this week, but I'll be looking at that video this weekend. Thank you very much!
  10. hello all, I've created an 8 arch .sup file and would like to import it S5. However when I go thru the import steps ( Shift S) the whole imported sequence appears to be squashed into the first cell of the first prop. I tried it also with a purchased CCR tree sequence of Brian's. Anyone found the secret for importing a SS multi-prop sequence into S5? Thank you, Ian
  11. scubanimal

    S5 visualizer Question CCB

    Jim, Point taken regarding using the new terms, I'm very new to S5, I've not updated my profile yet as I'm not yet sure I'm going to be able to use S5. Still working on converting my first sequence. But to your other point, if the pre-defined props (which I think are a big plus to the new "preview editor" don't allow for something simple like doing something other than a straight line with a CCB then I think that needs to be called out. The prop-addition tool looks to be a nice feature, but we have to resort back to S4 type processes, then where is the incentive to upgrade? Maybe its on the planned list to do, maybe it was over looked, or maybe I just haven't figured out where the interface is to make the mod? I'm assuming my lack of knowledge for now given how new I am to S5. Finally being able to bring S4 sequences to S5 I'm sure has been worked out, there were several beta testers and my pea brain logic thinks that would be not uncommon. So I'm hoping someone will speak up regarding how to port the CCB portion of sequence from S4 into a S5 CCB prop. .... Thanks again for taking the time to help!
  12. scubanimal

    S5 visualizer Question CCB

    Hey Jim, If it only it were that easy. I'm trying to add a lLOR RGB CCB, which conveniently is a predefined prop now in S5. But it comes in as 2 (which is right) strings. But both are straight lines. What I want to do is bend one of those strings. This may end up being a mute point though as I later tried to copy from my S4 CCB to S5 and those don't match at all. I sure hope the help & tutorials come out soon !!!
  13. I have a dual string, 50 bulb each CCB. I would like one of the strings to be an inverted "V" to lay over the image of a roof peak. When I create the prop I get the 2 strings, but have yet to figure out how to bend one of the strings. Is there a way to do that? If it was a dumb string I could use the "custom" prop, but how do I do it with a Light-o-rama predefined CCB? Thank you, Ian
  14. scubanimal

    Is there a way to convert S5 Visual to S4 ?

    Thank you all for the suggestions. The main issue was when I opened up the old sequence most of my channel info was messed up and I did not figure out a way to import my .sup files. So seemed like it was going to be a lot of rework, and just not yet worth the effort. But the S5 Visualizer is really nice and I had gone thru all the work of setting up my plan for this year, the new props and such. So I thought it would be nice if it was possible to bring that back to S4.
  15. The S5 visualizer is a great improvement, so much easier to make a good set of props, place them and assign Units & channels. However, since I am giving up for now on trying to convert my old sequences from S4 to S5 (seems like I have to start nearly from scratch) I am going to go back to S4. What I'm wondering is I exported my visual in S5 before removing the software, but its not in .lee format. Is there a way to import it or convert it so that I can use it in S4?