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  1. JR please will you retry, I did not receive anything? j.ian.martin@hotmail.com thank you very much!
  2. JR, I would love to attend your class. I have missed everything up to this point but would really like to attend and learn all I can from you. I really appreciate the sequences you've given me but would like to do some myself. Please send me info to sign up for your class and if you've recorded any of the prior sessions, I would like to catch up. MY email is j.ian.martin@hotmail.com. Thank you very much.
  3. JR, I did not know that a pixie16 could control 170, I don't have the most current models of Pixies, mine are all older (pre-dip switch). Thank you, I did reread your instructions again and this time noticed your note there. As I had a PixCon16 go bad on me this year, I'll replace it with a Pixie now, which should save a few bucks. Thank you.
  4. High Order, are you still working on this, and need help? As you have a Pixie16, that is up to 100 pixels per port, and you've used 2 of those for the arches right? So I would set it up as 90 lights per string, with 2 loops and each string is 90 pixels. You'll need to inject power ( would do it at the end of the 100 line). That would use up 10 of your ports to do that. A single power supply should be able to handle 900 pixels easily. If you're having trouble still, then reply...
  5. Thank you JR & dgrant. It was working fine on the bench, it was not until I had the megatree fully up that it stopped working. I have not yet bench tested it again, as I just swapped out the Pixcon for a Pixie. The pixie is working fine now (though the pixie4 upstream is not perfect). As those are the only 2 controllers on that network and I'm running it 500K enhanced I think I have my setup reasonable. Since the Pixie works fine, and all I did was swap out the IC cards, I think that narrows it down fairly well to just the card. I'm still working on a matrix for my other PixCon16, maxing out its capabilities (16 strings of 170 pixel ea) we'll see if that works. Only catch is I think I'll have to run a new network and I'm out of USB ports. Once I figure out what is wrong with original PixCon16 I'll post that for others.
  6. Follow up, never did figure this one out. Ended up replacing the PixCon16 with a Pixie16, in the box (so everything else stayed the same), Now mega tree works fine. ... Have not bench tested the PIxCon yet to see if I can figure out the root cause.
  7. 3 things i would check, they have both bit me. 1) verify the connections are good, i.e. corrosion has not caused a poor link. 2) verify that the pixel type and speed are correct. I would disconnect so that one by one you can use the H/W utility for each controller. Then test each light & Controller. Found this to be an issue with my Amazon bought pixels. 3) Check the controller definition (via hardware utility and SE) make sure you have defined it properly (i.e. X strings, Unit IDs etc). For instance if you have a CCD and told it 1 string per unit ID, but you have it running differently that can cause issues (i.e 1 unit ID with 100 pixels, verses 2 unit IDs with 50 pixels ea). Finally, after confirming that all configured properly, I know this sounds really strange, but I have had an CCB that only the first bulb would light (dimly) then a few more sporadic spaced. Then accidentally I left the CCB powered up, 2 days later it now works fine. I didn't change anything that would affect it. no idea why it is working now, but that is what happened. Good luck, these kinds of issues are kicking my tail this year.
  8. Figured it out .... The reason the lights were coming on "all white" was because I had those pixels defined the same as my others (slow). So Changed them to "Fast" and that solved the all white problem. I had forgotten to change that on my show computer.
  9. Update; I replaced the pixcon16, with a pixie16 , which is downstream of the troublesome Pixie4. The pixie16 is working just just fine, so I'm fairly sure the network is working. Still seeing the Pixie4 on the HW utility but unable to control it.
  10. Thank you Mr. P, but the control panel is on, and the other lights are working, this one pixie 4 which worked fine before mounting it on the mast, now only shows white. I can find it when I use the hardware utility, but it does not respond to commands from either the HW util or the show. good idea, but.... Its got to be something simple, my other Pixies are working fine (pixcon16 not, but I'm swapping that out right now).
  11. I have a pixie4, when power is applied all the lights come on as white and stay that way. Right now I've not been able to get the h/W utility to talk to it, finds it but does not respond to off, or color changes, I remember reading somewhere, but can't find it again, what when power is applied and the lights come on as white (pixels) it means something. Manual though does not seem to have the answer. Thank you, Ian
  12. Set up my Pixcon16, it worked fine when I tested in inside, setting it up. But now outside in the real show network with other components it is not found. My setup is a red RS485 out, to a 50' network cable, on a LOR enhanced 500k configured line to the Pixcon16, then from the Pixcon there is a 6' cable to a Pixie4 (star). The pixie4 is seen, but I am not able to control it from the Hardware Utility (though that could be user error, The pIxcon16 lights (red & green) are both ON & STEADY. But when I try to "find" the Pixcon16 in the network utility it is not being found. Oh, and the STAR, from the Pixie4, is fully lite up all white, have yet to figure out how to turn those off. The all go on as soon as power is applied. I currently have it set for AuxD, Comm5, 500K, enhanced is checked, on the Network panel, Any ideas why the Pixcon16 is not being found? Should I change out the Red RS 485 to one of the powered RS485b models (though the spec's say its only good up to 250k) and this is for a MegaTree & Star? thank you!!
  13. Target Sequence.... I thought I had fixed that. In the source file, there are 50 lines per CCR, and each of those has 3 (1 per color) so a total of 150 lines per CCR. Where as the Target has only 1 line per CCR. Hence my problem....
  14. Here is the target Sequence and source sequence. I'm only allowed 330K so these are small. The forum is smart enough that loading 2 different replies did not work. …
  15. Hi Phil, I've been trying that, but this issue is the lines in S5 are so different (quantity) then the source. I can't figure out how to get more resolution in S5. I've tried all the preference options, just can't seem to get a setting that when I copy/paste it doesn't bleed into inappropriate channels . Thank you for the attempt.
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