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  1. I have to join this long list, and add my thanks and appreciation to both. James has been awesome for years. And I received my first singing faces this year from JR and its a hit, and now wishing I had been on the receiving end earlier. I sure hope something to have the skills, and be able to contribute like James & JR do. I also must add Alan (Default) to this list now, for those of us making the leap to S5 he has really help give a lot of us a head start and help as many of us struggled along. What great guys, and embody the spirit of this season, and at least for me remind me of why I do this... Thank you to JR, James & Alan, and to all of the others who so are so helpful, or offer kind words of encouragement !
  2. Sounds very well structured and organized Jim. Hoping the day passes quickly so I can get home and redo my networks, I'm really hoping that is issue of why some of my lights are not working right. I need to add in a wireless linker anyway (neighbor wants me to do their lights) so this will work out nicely anyway. I keep hoping that my software learning curve will flatten and I can finally take the time to learn DMX, what you have looks so cool, but not this year, S5 is still a mostly a mystery; though I'm functional in the areas I need to be.
  3. Amazing what you can find re-reading documentation.... found a few things that cause me rethink what the root cause may be. I assumed I had an issue with throughput speeds because the lights were not behaving anywhere near what they did in the previews. Tonight before seeing the great replies and suggestions from folks I did break up my show on to 2 networks (mega tress & 1 CCB on 1 network) everything else on the other which resulted on one mega tree working well and the CCBs working sometimes, only 1-2 arches would work, and the lights from the CTBs inconsistent, 1 was fine the others not so good. Anyway, I suspect that one of the root causes in addition to Alan's point about needing to break into more networks is I had forgotten that one of the CTBs was a kit, and those are very limited in bandwidth (115K max) and just happens to be #2 in line, right after the one controller (faces) that is working good. I'm guessing here, but I suspect that in addition to the overloaded networks, that I need to put that CTB on its own dedicated (slow) network.
  4. 5x10..... what I wouldn't give to have access to one of those.... My little hobby one is nice but not in that league. That is great you can use it for 'off-work' fun.... I worked in a sheet metal shop in high school made all sorts of fun things after work... The documentation on the pixcon16... is... giving me fits
  5. I've always used powered hubs for my other computer work as well, never seen an issue, and I've used some fairly sensitive UI custom gear. Only thing I can see is you don't want your power cable laying in parallel with your data cables. For folks with lots of CTBs (i.e powered lines) and data lines, be sure they cross at right angles and avoid the urge to put them in nice tight of parallel bundles.... looks good but can cause havoc....
  6. Alan, Thank you, Nice box, you mentioned a router, yet your box looks like metal. Must be nice CNC to do that. I have small spindle on my CNC but I have not yet dared to metal on it yet; have stuck to wood and a little plastic; but sure is fun. My mini-trees tops & bases came out the CNC, I need to post pics of those at some point. Thank you, I have a powered hub, I'll use that. I am able to see the pixcon16 with a direct connect, now to back to manual to figure out to run the show that way and I should be back in business.. Thank you again... !!!
  7. Alan, Thank you that make sense. I think if I'm doing the math right, as I have 2 Pixie16s, 1 Pixcon16 (talk about that later), 3 CCBs, and the 4 CTB16s, then I need to have 4 networks. That is fine I have the Rs485 converts; and that is easy to test. This old laptop though is limited on USB ports. So assuming what Jim & TheDucks said and the USB ports are forced to a max throughput then I should be able to put on a USB hub and use that ..... right ... ? I would not have to buy laptop, I would just pull it from my CnC I just hate to do that... I need it to max xmas gifts besides being my favorite tool..... Thank you again!! Side note, has there been a change to the PixCon16 for S5?? When I tested mine early July it connected up and tested fine, when to connect it tonight and I'm not seeing it on the network. Checked on the LOR website and their "Big picture" shows a new configuration from what I remember... I did direct connect (computer to network on card) for config then RS485 to router to J3/J4 on the PixCon16, now they show that as direct..... I know I'm getting old.... but..... Alan thank you very much that limit of 2400 channels per network I had forgotten (along with so many other things). Thank you!!!
  8. Well..... shoot.... that puts me back at square one. If the port speed is sufficient, and a LOR enhanced (has to be with S5) is good enough for my load (should be based on your experience).... I'm not sure where to look now.
  9. Thank you all for your input. Steve, I think you are on the right track, If you have that much (Jim has a fair bit too) , I don't think I'm doing intensities, at least I didn't set them (maybe some of my purchased sequences have them but that would just be the Mega Trees then. Therefore the most likely suspect is the port settings, I'll look at device manager tonight and see if I can figure that out. This PC is newer than 486, so then must be USB2, though I'm using 1/20th of second timings, and many of my sequences are ambitious for sure; but they worked in the past when I had fewer pixels. Thank you again!!
  10. Hello all, Like many of you the lights started going up this past weekend and I ran tests of the show. I clearly have some issues. I'm running (2) pixie16s ( each running 800 pixels) , (3) CCBs (100 pixels each), and (3) 16 channel controllers. I initially was running this on a single enhanced LOR network, but clearly that was too much as the further the controller was down the chain the less data it received. I am not sure just breaking it into 2 enhanced LOR networks is going to be enough. Then I started thinking that maybe this very old laptop I've been using might not be pushing out the data fast enough out the USB ports. I have a vague memory that the USB ports can be set to higher speeds but default to lower speeds. I'm running win7, on a laptop that is at least 10 years old. What I'm wondering is that where should I focus, meaning, do any of you have high numbers of pixels running on very low end pcs? That would tell me I need to figure out how to tell my system to up the output speed on the USB ports, Also does anyone have thoughts on if 2 enhanced LOR networks will work? I still have an other 1200 pixels (megatree) to add, as well as one more 16ch Controller. Or is it likely this PC is just to wimpy and I need to get something that supports USB3? Actually I'm not sure this Laptop has USB2 ports, they might be USB1. Thank you, Ian
  11. Alan, you were right ( again ), I just hooked the CCBs and they are all working correctly now. Thank you very much !!!! I have a new issue... but I'll start a new thread as others may have a similar concern. Lessons learned from this issue........... remember to be sure on S5 to be sure to check the "Enhanced LOR network" box for you network. By the way it worked fine on my old 16ch controllers as well as my newer G3s.
  12. Resolved..... though not what I expected. The unit ID was not the issue though did need to be put back to the right number. When I was testing I walked thru each of the settings including the network settings. After the CCB failed again, I re-walked again thru the settings and finally found the issue. Turns out I had forgot to check that little box for the "Enhanced LOR Network". I had heard that S5 only works on "enhanced" networks That was it, must check that "Enhanced" box for all S5 networks Thank you again Alan for taking the time looking for my error that was really awesome of you!!!!!!!!!!! On to the next issue..... when using one of my other CCBs to test this issue, it will not work in the hardware utility, comes back "unknown device" even though the computer is attached to the internet........ I think I have to get a file from LOR on this one.....
  13. Alan, Wow, I think that when I was I tried to use the CCB device and renamed it. But I will for sure reset that back to #5 and retest it again to be sure that is not the issue. Thank you very much for taking the time to try to help me !!!
  14. I'm sorry Alan, DOLT!!!! Its just the rooflines. There are three of them. Upper, east & west. they are grouped, as well as individual. Its the only line that has any data on it. I'm sorry!!! Thank you!!! Ian
  15. Alan, I emailed the file roughly 11am PST, though my computer was acting up a bit this morning, so I'm not 100% sure the email went out properly. thank you again!!! Ian
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