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  1. I have a Pixie4 card, I did it the way Jim (K6ccc) said to. Later I did created one in SS, and that ended up being my primary viz for sequencing. Then just exported it into SE. Again set up as DMX, export as legacy and then cut&paste into SE.
  2. scubanimal

    New Year Eves Bon Jovi

    Merry Christmas James, If you're still up for sending those Bon Jovi sequences, heck yes, Please will you send them. j.ian.martin@hotmail.com Thank you!!
  3. Check your timing map, and which effect you're using. I find the timing map can make a big difference. I hope someday the timing map and effect layout is saved with the sequence so I can go back to it later.
  4. scubanimal

    How to setup a 15x32 Matrix?

    Hey Brian, I use LOR enhanced, not DMX. But I do tell SS its DMX then export, and cut & paste into my SE sequence (you told me how when I purchased some of your 16ch megatree seqences. I was not able to get my viz to work in SS, but attached is what I tried. Instead the sup file I posted was created using "Create Quick Visualization" in SS for the file in my first post. Matrix Test 15x32.lee
  5. scubanimal

    Pixie4, how to create 100 pixel strings?

    Changed to SuperStar sub-forum, added file with progress and remaining issue.
  6. I'm trying to created a 15x32 pixel matrix, to use with my new Pixie4 controllers. I have 96 pixels per Port, but have been unable to figure out how to create a viz I can use in SS to sequence. Attached is all I've been able to create (5 ports each 96 pixels). As can be seen that is not that useful as its 5 rows of 96 instead of 5 sets of 3x32. I sure could use some help creating a simple viz to use in SS. Thank you, Ian Matrix-SS-Blankr.sup
  7. I am trying to build a prop (Matrix) that uses 5 ports (2 pixie4 boards) each with 96 pixels to create a 16x32 matrix. I have not been able to figure out how to do that. It seems to want to limit me to 50 pixels. Has anyone figured out how to setup the fixtures for 100 pixels on a Pixie device and have 1 port (unit) per 100 pixel string ? Then export it into SE and have it work? <added> I'm not doing DMX yet, this would run on my LOR enhanced net. Thank you!
  8. scubanimal

    Looking for Snoopy's Christmas (red baron)

    James, as always you're awesome, thank you very much !!!!!!
  9. By chance does anyone have a Snoopy's Christmas sequence they would like to share? I've run out of time and just have not been able to complete it. j.ian.martin @ hotmail dot com Thank you very much !!!!
  10. scubanimal

    CCR/CCB Network Capacity Question

    dolt..... thanks for the correction Jim.
  11. scubanimal

    CCR/CCB Network Capacity Question

    While likely most folks have modern systems, it occurs to me that the type of USB port being used may impact the likelihood of getting the full 500Kb bandwidth utilization from the enhanced network. A USB 2 is only 480Kb, and USB 1 only 12Kb. That would impact the throughput regardless of the speed of the 485 adapter I would think. ... Just a thought.....
  12. Has anyone done created a Megatree prop and tied it to a pixcon device in SE? If so, please would you tell me what device did you use in the tree tool, and what settings ? I've not been able to figure it out. Thank you!
  13. scubanimal

    Superstar Help

    looking good !
  14. scubanimal

    Pixcon16 LOR addressing & SuperStar Question

    Brian, came to the rescue... again. Thank you Brian!
  15. I'm trying to use Superstar for the sequence then export to SE for a set of 16 strands of 75 pixels each for a PixCon16 board. While its straight forward to add a PixCon16 device to SE. How do I set up the 'unit' and 'channels' in Superstar so that it can be exported into SE? I would like to push learning DMX/E.31 till next year, as I think I've reached my limit of learning under duress for this year. I'm fairly certain I'm missing something obvious, but just have yet to figure it out. I'm sure some of you have a pixcon16 for a megatree on the LOR network, please could someone advise how to set it up on Superstar? I plan to have a dedicated network (Aux A) for the pixcon16. But using the Conf tool I'm missing something. Thank you!!