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  1. would i be able to get a copy of devil went down? thank you mjingawewe45@gmail.com
  2. Happy Holidays! May I also have a copy please and Thank you Mjingawewe45@gmail.com
  3. Happy Holidays. May I also have a copy please and thank you mjingawewe45@gmail.com
  4. May I have a copy of them also if it's not much trouble? Thank you in advance. Mjingawewe45@gmail.com
  5. Hello, May I have a copy also? Thank you Sir. Mjingawewe45@gmail.com
  6. Thank you. I have commented on the topic still waiting to hear from someone. Thanks for the info!
  7. Hello all I do a Zombie only theme for our display last year we did just lighting and thunder on a little control box. Now I have upgraded to a 16 channel controller for the show.. I was wondering if anyone had the Walking dead theme song sequenced out by chance. Also looking for a good lightning and thunder sound and such to add also. Thanks to anyone that can help out. Happy Haunting !!!
  8. Hello. Would it be possible to still get the link for these sequences. Thank you for your time. Mjingawewe45@gmail.com
  9. Hello wondered if you would be able to share the walking dead sequence please. Thank you for your time. Mjingawewe45@gmail.com
  10. Forgot my email if you are able to help me out. Mjingawewe45@gmail.com. thank you
  11. James would I be able to receive a copy also. Please and Thank you Sir
  12. May I have a copy also thank you. Mjingawewe45@gmail.com
  13. Hello is it possible to get Happy also? Thank you Mjingawewe45@gmail.com
  14. May I check this one out also? Thank you Mjingawewe45@gmail.com
  15. May I have a copy also. Thank you Mjingawewe45@gmail.com
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