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  1. Paul Godard


    I am looking for seq for Easter I would like it for 12 CCR tree Anyone know of a web site I can buy. Thank you Paul
  2. Paul Godard

    CCP Extension Cable Supplier

    That's what I figured , Thanks
  3. Paul Godard

    CCP Extension Cable Supplier

    Is there any work being done at LOR to make up extensions for CCRs I would pay dearly for plug and play ones. Say 4 meters of 12 feet long with the male plug at one end and the female at the other. I use only LOR stuff as they have been so good to me over the years. Thanks Paul Calgary Canada
  4. Paul Godard

    .lms back to .sup

    I have .lms and .bak files for my shows. How do I change them back to .sup files so I can modify the super star part of my show. I have a few .sup files but may have deleted most of them by accident ( cant find them anywhere ) I have all the top end software from you folks, super star pro with add on but I am still learning how to use it. Thank you for you time. ( Only 271 more sleeps to Christmas ) Paul G. Calgary Canada
  5. Paul Godard

    12 CCR Tree Holloween Seq

    Does anyone know were I can buy Halloween seqs for a ccr tree?. I have Christmas covered but I would like to do something for Halloween. Thank you Paul