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  1. Hi Bob, Looking at the tree the controllers are at the bottom and the left most CCR is controller number 3. Your video speaks volumes and I do agree with your recommendations about the color and size. Seeing the video helps a great deal. Paul
  2. Bob, I hope you pardon me for my ignorance,I am far from being a computer type of person.I think I've attached the file that you've asked for but I could be wrong and if I am wrong please be patient.Thank you for taking an interest in helping me out in this project. Paul Pauls 16X16 12ccr.zip
  3. Hi Bob,I have been working on the files you posted. (Thank You) Is there a way I can convert the .lms to .sup? I would like to use Super Star to layer the names at different heights on the tree. Paul
  4. Hi, I agree a few different groups would make a more sensible display. As for the show, I have never done anything for our vets but have a flag flying. I shut down my Halloween display on November 1 with no Christmas lights on tell Nov 15. For this new show, Nov 11, I was thinking to have only the star on top of the CCR tree as well as my 12 CCRs. I think in this case the less lights the better. Paul G
  5. Hi itsmebobo, Yes please post it here. I can not thank you enough. Paul
  6. I have been trying a few things but the best I have found so far is one name at a time for 6 sec to travel left to right. I will keep on it. I still have 72 days ? Paul
  7. Thank you to everyone helping me with this. I have 12 CCR set up in a tree pattern 24' at the bottom 1' at the top and 20' tall Paul
  8. Hi , I have attached the list of names Its 82 pages. ( 3700 names ) If I could do one page at a time, I would love that but I can only post one name at a time in S/S. Should I change from .pdf to something else? Any help would be great. Thanks Again Paul G 2017-Field-of-Crosses-Soldier-List.pdf
  9. Hi, I would like to add lots of text at one time. I am building a show for November 11 and have all the names and the date that our local military women and men who were killed in action. Is there any way I could past more then one at a time into Super Star? Thank you Paul Calgary Canada
  10. I am looking for seq for Easter I would like it for 12 CCR tree Anyone know of a web site I can buy. Thank you Paul
  11. Is there any work being done at LOR to make up extensions for CCRs I would pay dearly for plug and play ones. Say 4 meters of 12 feet long with the male plug at one end and the female at the other. I use only LOR stuff as they have been so good to me over the years. Thanks Paul Calgary Canada
  12. I have .lms and .bak files for my shows. How do I change them back to .sup files so I can modify the super star part of my show. I have a few .sup files but may have deleted most of them by accident ( cant find them anywhere ) I have all the top end software from you folks, super star pro with add on but I am still learning how to use it. Thank you for you time. ( Only 271 more sleeps to Christmas ) Paul G. Calgary Canada
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