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  1. can i get a copy my wife would love it ! thanks !! phuzionneon@gmail.com
  2. can i get a copy also. phuzionneon@gmail.com just got done putting up lights and want to add some new songs
  3. If you are still willing to share I would love to annoy my family with it... I was told I can play anything with my lights between christmas and newyears.... thanks in advance phuzionneon@gmail.com
  4. that is an awesome into !!!!!! If you are willing to share even part of it that would be cool. phuzionenon@gmail.com
  5. Can I get a copy to play with also ? Wifey is not letting me do non Christmas songs till after Christmas.. maybe she will allow this one.... phuzionneon@gmail.com
  6. Thanks !! This Looked cool on my house !!! anyone have anything else i can bum that is dubstep off them ? im only running 32 channels 20k lights but i can try to modify it... Thanks in advance ! phuzionneon@gmail.com
  7. my wife just showed me this song can i get a copy please ? phuzionneon@gmail.com
  8. Can i get a copy also ?? Looks great ! phuzionneon@gmail.com
  9. could you please send me uptown funk. almost all my lights are up and just throwing some more stuff at it and my daughter is in love with this song. I want to surprise her with it even if its not in my show i want to just play it for her. phuzionneon@gmail.com Thanks so much !
  10. can i get a copy also please. my little nephew is obsessed with fast and furious movies. phuzionneon@gmail.com
  11. I just put the older drive on 5.30 and it sill does same thing.... Is it possiable that I have a bad box mp3 player ? and the light on the front of the box doesnt stay on when show is running like the book says I cant be the only one having this problem can I be ?
  12. Spoke too soon. Updated firmware and it is still skipping. Even on the sd card that was preloaded from LOR I need help badly.....
  13. the power supply i had i guess didnt have enough power. plugged it into box for power then to pc and pc saw it and it was able to update fireware. on 3rd song and no skipping yet !
  14. I got the USB485 Connector today.. hardware utility still cant find mp3 box I installed drives and plugged it all in and nothing....
  15. i plugged it into network card.... hey im new and dont know anything...
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