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  1. Exactly!! Thank you for meeting my expectations!! I was looking for a response like this or maybe a, "For the love of God woman abort this plan immediately!! Spare your neighborhood!" I kinda think that would have been appropriate! :-) I saw someone else had posted that they had the CLAP....my first thought was...what kind of forum is this?!?! These people must be pretty close....then I realized what it meant. I can't wait to tell my husband that I've got it! ;-) I'm going to have someone video his face. I'll share it with you all for helping me. I can't wait!
  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I can't believe how helpful everyone has been. And a huge thanks for not making me feel like a total idiot for asking my questions. That means a lot to me. I've only got a second to write this, my boss is screaming for her breakfast....I accept my boss is 3.... A few things that came up a few times with my power, my house is a moduler with 15amp breakers. My father, who is an electrician by trade...actually one of the top dogs in the world...was suppose to update them to 20amp for me but never got to it. I have 3 outdoor outlets. 3, that's it. 2 on my house and one on my unattached garage. I'm really taking away from what you all are saying that I need to invest in LED's. All my lights are the old school type that are power suckers. I think if I make the investment to go all LED or mostly LED this wouldn't be as much of an issue. I had so many extention cords going to one outlet that it would actually melt all the snow around it. It scared me. I won't do that again. My dad turned a great shade of red when he saw that....I felt like a 7 year old little girl as he lectured me. So I need to be smarter this year. Half the problem was that I didn't give myself enough time to set up last year and was in a rush. I thought that was what the 16 channel meant. That little tidbit is really helpful. I think for my first time 16 will be plenty. Maybe one day I can be like one of you wizards and have an ungodly amount of channels. So just to give everyone an idea of what I'm trying to do here's a really bad picture of my house last year. I'll be doing pretty much the same thing, but I'll be adding quite a bit. But I will make the switch to LED for anything new and most likely for some of my old stuff too. I wanted to add a picture of my house but it won't let me. I wanted to give everyone an idea of what I'm doing this year plus a bit more. I will get back on here after awhile and get back to everyone. Thanks again, this really means a lot to me. I've totally got the old man beat. Laci
  3. I am actually more embarrassed then I thought I was to write this! I rarely get embarrassed but this is doing it! Here goes nothing! I am, as stated above, extremely new to this LOR world and obsession/addiction. Everyone here is a bunch of enablers! ;-) I have spent many years priding myself on being pretty intelligent and being able to figure things out, but after doing some searching on making my own show, I’m not re-thinking those years of pride. I am so lost it’s shameful. I feel like all of the information is written in a language for super geniuses’ that even google can’t translate. I want to tell you why I want to do this in the first place, hopefully I can redeem myself for my lack of knowledge by having a genuine reason for doing this project. Ever since I can remember my father went all out for Christmas. Just with lights that is. But I always thought his work was the best ever. Fast forward 20 years and my sister and I are grown and out of the house. My father decided to end his decorating career since there was no one around to appreciate it. I now have a child of my own who is 3, and also bought the house right up the hill from my parents….I didn’t make it far from the nest….According to my father, now my daughter Ella is old enough to appreciate the beauty and is going to decorate this year. He told me the only reason he decorated all those years that we were kids was that one moment when he turns all the lights on and our eyes would light up. That was the magic for him. For the past 3 years I took it upon myself to pick up the tradition. I’ve been doing the best I can to make him proud. I do it completely on my own, my husband has no real interest in helping me. Thus far I’ve done a decent job, but there is always room for improvement right? I am the only person in my subdivision that decorates, so I get a little traffic to look at my lights. It always makes me really happy. But, this year my father has decided to get back into it. Suddenly him returning has turned into an all-out competition. I have to blow him out of the water, I can’t let the old man win! The only way I can think to do something like that is creating a show. So that’s when I started ruining my life and confidence with this impossible task. Just kidding….kind of. I have so many questions but until now I’ve been trying to find answers on my own with no luck. They are probably such stupid questions that no one thinks they need to actually write it…..which is why I turn to you super geniuses’ for some direction. There are a few things I have my heart set on. I want to use my own music and my own lights. However, I am prepared to invest in new lights as well as the system. I just need to know what would be best for me. I am also worried about power. I’ve had this problem since I first started, which is something I’ve just worked around. I have a small fortune in extension cords. It’s a real trial and error on where to plug what because I am always flipping breakers. I could use some advice on this. I’ve been looking at the 16 Channel basic set up to get started, but I have one major question. Hopefully no one will laugh at me for this but… What the heck is a channel?! What does the 16 channel mean exactly? I couldn’t find anything explaining this to save my life. Also, is this system something that I set all my lights up first, then create my show to the music? I think I may be overthinking this entire thing and have given myself a mental block of sorts. I will greatly appreciate any and all advice, tips or tricks that anyone can share with me. I have really high hopes to conquer this idea, I just hope I’m not biting off more than I can chew. Thank You! Laci
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