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  1. Thank you Jim: Also What did you mean as an Idle channel? And how do they work.
  2. Sorry I was Talking about Talking Mrs. Clause I am new to this and I thank you for your help In Mrs. Clause I wanted her in color like I will have in my yard. So everything that would be on all the time I placed On the Outline Channel. when I got to 16 fixtures another one would not show up. so this is where I combined the chin and hair. If you have a better way please show me. I would be very thank full and then share with everyone. Also please explain the Idle channels. Just want to learn all I can. Also if you can could you please send me the changes
  3. I am new to Visualizer I am importing 288 channels from HLD over. I have a question about fixtures I made some strobes more than 25 and only 16 showed up on the screen. Did I miss something in the documentation? Is there a way around this? I also created a HC Singing Mrs Clause and max out the fixtures there also. Why because I wanted everything in color just like my display. I had to combine the face and hair into the same color to get around this limitation when I hit 16 fixtures on the same channel. What I did was put the hair, chin, flowers, inside flowers, earrings ect al
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