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  1. Yes You Can. I like the way it HLD did it. Would like to see it in Visualizer. you could take a graphic bring it in to the program. change transparency and use it. add channel and your done.
  2. Thank you Jim: Also What did you mean as an Idle channel? And how do they work.
  3. Sorry I was Talking about Talking Mrs. Clause I am new to this and I thank you for your help In Mrs. Clause I wanted her in color like I will have in my yard. So everything that would be on all the time I placed On the Outline Channel. when I got to 16 fixtures another one would not show up. so this is where I combined the chin and hair. If you have a better way please show me. I would be very thank full and then share with everyone. Also please explain the Idle channels. Just want to learn all I can. Also if you can could you please send me the changes you have made to randyhdaniels@gmail.com Randy Daniels
  4. Here are a few more props ..Hope you like them. Randy's HC Singing Bulb.lpf Randy's Singing Guitar Playing Snowman.lpf Randy's Talking Mrs Clause.lpf Randy's Tower Leaper.lpf
  5. I would like to be able to get a colored picture from my vendors site of a prop I have purchased. Or create one in a paint program. Bring it into Visualizer and change the background transparency. Assign this picture channel number. And size it to correct height and width. And watch it work in full color in VIsualizer. Much easier then tracing
  6. I am new to Visualizer I am importing 288 channels from HLD over. I have a question about fixtures I made some strobes more than 25 and only 16 showed up on the screen. Did I miss something in the documentation? Is there a way around this? I also created a HC Singing Mrs Clause and max out the fixtures there also. Why because I wanted everything in color just like my display. I had to combine the face and hair into the same color to get around this limitation when I hit 16 fixtures on the same channel. What I did was put the hair, chin, flowers, inside flowers, earrings ect all on the Outline channel so they would all come on with the outline channel. Can any one give me an Idea if this is something I have to live with, will it change in the future or is there a way to get around this. Thank you for your time Here are a few files I made Hope you enjoy, also if you have a better way please let me know...been doing this for about 5 days now. Randy's North Pole Sign.lpf Randy's HC Talking Santa.lpf Randy's Holly #1.lpf Randy's Dog House.lpf Randy's Dog.lpf Randy's Holly #2.lpf Randy's Merry Christmas Sign.lpf
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