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  1. It is really cool that you share your sequences, Merry Christmas!!
  2. Thanks ItsMeBobO! That worked! I really appreciate it! btw, I have used Vegomatic, it is a time saver!
  3. Ok, so searching the forums, I came across this thread. My problem is this: I Duplicated my Master Track, then in the duplicate I moved channels around in a different order and saved. But when I went back to my Master Track, they were also moved. And that is not what I was expecting. How do I disconnect these channels so that I can use different tracks that have channels arranged for easier sequencing? This is also assuming I can get my channels back into their original order so I don't have future problems. ( I have 48 CCD's and 55 reg channels to try and get back in order! ) I see above that you can ungroup the tracks if you group them when you move channels between tracks, but what about the "Duplicate Track" option? The "Lock Channels" option only prevents you from moving channels while in that track. It doesn't prevent the channel from being moved if you move it in the duplicated track. Any help is appreciated!
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