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  1. its an upgrade fee to your license of like $29... you dont have to shell out full price again...
  2. definitely would like to look at this one please ewschulz@gmail.com
  3. could I get a copy James? wife is huge Mariah Carey fan.. ewschulz@gmail.com
  4. started today and discount is shown at checkout
  5. I would love a copy James.. Thanks in Advance! ewschulz@gmail.com
  6. id love to have a look at it as well ewschulz@gmail.com
  7. here is another http://www.superstarlights.com/Sequences/Purchase.php
  8. could i also get a copy James? ewschulz@gmail.com
  9. JAmes could u send me way as well?? i would love to try and sneak it in real quick ewschulz@gmail.com
  10. no worries.. they will stay up there.. i only use dropbox for LOR related stuff.. have a larger Box acct for everything else
  11. These have the singing faces as well.. probably from you or ones I picked up from others on this site.. my faces are mixed in that I have 2 punkin faces and 2 custom ones that are more similar to the standard faces (E mouth uses top lip) you should get an email shortly with the dropbox link
  12. I can send a few your way as well JR.. would be nice to send a few versus always being on the receiving end.. lol I can send Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare Godsmack - Voodoo Dee Snider - Tubular Hell Let me know if interested in them...
  13. RGB what? matrix or house outline? most of mine have purchased content so I cant share but I do have a few I put together I can send. i dont have any with Matrix or Pixel tree but have RGB house outline and RGB Floods with AC tombstones, strobes, house floods and singing faces
  14. could I get a copy of both? thank you in advance ewschulz@gmail.com
  15. @James, could I get this as well? Thanks in Advance.. ewschulz@gmail.com
  16. holidaysequences.com has it for purchase... rgb, some ac channels and faces...
  17. James can you send my way once get the pixel and matrix completed? ewschulz@gmail.com
  18. i have seen those, but i dont want that skeleton for everything.. I like mine to be a little diff.. one of my faces i made like the punkins.. without the outline.. the others were ones i just created.. I am redoing all my faces this year.. so figured now is the time.. lol here is what I have i used thru last year.. the one on right is actually a tree I created from coroplast
  19. agreed.. I have created all my coroplast faces.. and want to create a drummer to replace one of them but with my clown face i created.. then a guitarist that will do a little head banging like slayerbobs snowman on youtube... i do faces only for halloween at this point.. the P10 matrix I think will be my next prop.. probably next year
  20. I have been trying to decide if made sense to move to a matrix for faces.. but the ones I have seen I still like the standard LOR channel faces to this point.. but definitely interested in seeing what everyone comes up with..
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