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  1. doubledrop

    Hallelujah(Pentatonix) - Pixels

    id love to have a look at it as well ewschulz@gmail.com
  2. doubledrop

    16 strip LOR pixel tree

    here is another http://www.superstarlights.com/Sequences/Purchase.php
  3. can i get a copy as well? ewschulz@gmail.com Thank you
  4. doubledrop

    Ice Ice Baby Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    could i also get a copy James? ewschulz@gmail.com
  5. doubledrop

    The purge intro

    JAmes could u send me way as well?? i would love to try and sneak it in real quick ewschulz@gmail.com
  6. doubledrop

    RGB Halloween?

    no worries.. they will stay up there.. i only use dropbox for LOR related stuff.. have a larger Box acct for everything else
  7. doubledrop

    RGB Halloween?

    link sent
  8. doubledrop

    RGB Halloween?

    link sent
  9. doubledrop

    RGB Halloween?

    These have the singing faces as well.. probably from you or ones I picked up from others on this site.. my faces are mixed in that I have 2 punkin faces and 2 custom ones that are more similar to the standard faces (E mouth uses top lip) you should get an email shortly with the dropbox link
  10. doubledrop

    RGB Halloween?

    I can send a few your way as well JR.. would be nice to send a few versus always being on the receiving end.. lol I can send Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare Godsmack - Voodoo Dee Snider - Tubular Hell Let me know if interested in them...
  11. doubledrop

    RGB Halloween?

    RGB what? matrix or house outline? most of mine have purchased content so I cant share but I do have a few I put together I can send. i dont have any with Matrix or Pixel tree but have RGB house outline and RGB Floods with AC tombstones, strobes, house floods and singing faces
  12. doubledrop

    Looking for Halloween intro

    could I get a copy of both? thank you in advance ewschulz@gmail.com
  13. doubledrop

    Looking for deadmau5 Moar ghosts and stuff

    @James, could I get this as well? Thanks in Advance.. ewschulz@gmail.com