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  1. Halloween singing face rock songs.

    Thank you again JR!!!
  2. Halloween singing face rock songs.

    Thank You as always James!!
  3. Halloween singing face rock songs.

    awesome, thank you sir!!
  4. Halloween singing face rock songs.

    could I have nothing else matters faces and pixel as well please.. happen to have any Guns N Roses? ewschulz@gmail.com
  5. Christmas Vacation theme mp3

    try amazon, thats where I picked it up... unless you want someone's edited song.. with quotes from movie, etc the song is by Katie Campbell - just called Christmas Vacation
  6. Cry Little Sister

    Thank You Sir!
  7. Heathen 21 Pilots

    Thank You Sir!!
  8. Heathen 21 Pilots

    id love a copy as well please thank you ewschulz@gmail.com
  9. Cry Little Sister

    i would love a copy as well, along with the singing faces if possible ewschulz@gmail.com
  10. Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    Thank you sir!!!
  11. Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    lol... sorry been a looooong week... ewschulz@gmail.com
  12. Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    could i also please get a copy of both songs?
  13. dont stop the santa man

    Here you go Brian. audio is quiet as I havent had time to edit video and add the music track separate yet..had outside speakers on for the video https://youtu.be/8wzWaAZciBs
  14. New Year Eves Bon Jovi

    Thank You James!!!
  15. New Year Eves Bon Jovi

    yes please to all the above new years eve sequences.. lol thank you ewschulz@gmail.com