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  1. The billdorsey@hotmail.com email address is all over google for different domain names. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=billdorsey%40hotmail.com
  2. If you don't sleep, you can do it in half that time.
  3. @MattBrown Now that's what I am taking about! It's nice to see the fade ramps coming back and being able to expand the RGB channels. Any chance of getting the length of the song added back to the bottom left of the sequence editor like in S4? After that, I think it's pretty close to S4 in terms of "missing" features. I would love to upgrade back to S5 on this next update.
  4. Thanks. I will sit tight with S4 then.
  5. @DevMike Are you able to expand the RGB channel now to see the Red Green Blue channels like in S4? Without this it's hard to do fades which is why I rolled back to S4.
  6. They all come from China. I think it's just the luck of the draw on if they make it through a season of rain and snow. I do know that you need to seal as the ends are not completely water proof. I moved over to nodes as they seem to be more robust and a lot easier to replace. The don't look as good as the ribbons but o'well...
  7. I personally dont't have any issues with Dave or HC. He has always done me right and for that, I will continue to buy and support his products. Dave if you are watching - more RGB props please. Mainly the light-bulb RGB face!!
  8. What did you do to get banned? OUCH!
  9. Yard work? damn... not so soon! Nooooooooooooooo
  10. Yes it's okay for programming your sequences. If you are not pixels, give it a go and see how it preforms for you.
  11. So the Pi is wired then?
  12. A lot of mine are that large as well and take no time to do what I want with them over WIFI. I can't remember the hardware of the WIFI adapter of the Surface Pro 3 but I want to say it was not AC. I could be mistaken as its been a while. But my desktop PC is which is why I don't have issues. It's also running a 4GHz CPU with 32gigs of memory. It's insanely fast. I am not sure what kind of WIFI adapter is in the Pi. is it AC? UPDATE: I have the i5 Surface Pro 3 which does contain and AC WIFI adapter. SPEC wise it should be okay but it's not.
  13. My LOR PC is WIFI and works great with all my pixels. No lags what so ever. It was just the Surface Pro 3 that could not keep up.
  14. I had the Surface Pro 3 (8 gig) and used S4 running 3 seasons ago. As long as I did not do a lot with pixels, it worked well. Once I started adding a CCR tree, circles,and everything else pixel related, it could not keep up and lagged. It may have worked better if it was wired, but it's WIFI only. Also the sound would stop outputting to my receiver and I had to reboot. I used it in the garage and would remote into it.
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