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  1. I think it was me... I grabbed a test sequence that had the spiral tree channels messed up. I did it on another one and it worked fine. I was freaking out as that was a ton of work on my sequences. It may be time to walk away from the PC for a bit.
  2. I am not sure how to word this... I was cleaning up my preview design and removed my spiral tree channels. I created it in the the S4 animation screen. So when it imported into S5, the channel count was huge in the preview design. I then created a new spiral tree using the add item create prop with a built in shape inside of the preview design as it supports an RGB spiral tree now. Well my sequence still had the old tree channels listed, so I added the new RGB spiral tree. It will no longer allow me to copy the sequence from the old tree to the new one. This is really annoying as all my sequences have a spiral tree. How can I copy the old spiral out to the new one? Copy Paste DOES NOT WORK.
  3. My prop was built in the animation screen under S4 and brought over to S5. I then took the channels and made it a group called "Group - Spinner" I don't see a way to modify the group with the prop definition. Also my prop is 8 spokes. 4 of the spokes are 27 nodes and 4 of the spokes are 21 nodes. So it's not even. In the center of my spinner is a circle that contains 16 nodes.
  4. I have gone through the effects generator looking for a spoke shape. Can I get more information on where this shape is?
  5. I want the effects. That's all. It's a spinner... should be able to make a simple spiral.
  6. I upgraded to S5 last night and was highly disappointed in the motion effects. I wanted to do more with my spinner this year as I currently do it all by hand. Is there a way to do a real spiral swirl with a spinner? I would have thought that would be a default effect... but nope. I guess I will continue to learn Xlights...
  7. PM me your email and I send them over. They are to big to post on here for some reason. The case is from Holidaycoro and it's the CG-1500. The power supply is from LOR. It's the 12v 200 watt power supply. No heat sink. The first 3 controllers, I ran my RGB faces off of. The next 2 ran my door columns and the last 2 ran my house and mini trees. The last 2 are in a waterproof toolbox that I made for it's a case. It has a 2 each of the HC 350watt or 400watt power supplies in it. One for each board. I would need to open it up and verify the actual size. I also installed the light connector plugs into the front of the toolbox so I would not have to open it up. Just plug your lights into the front connectors of the toolbox. There are 16 plugs mounted into the front of the toolbox. I can send pictures of this as well. It's a pretty neat setup and was the route I was going before moving to all smart pixels. I do have another CG-1500 and power supply that I can mount one of those in. Yes I put them together myself. I will do a video tonight after work and post it. That seems to be the easiest way instead of trying to upload the pictures. Why such a small size for pictures, I don't know...
  8. I have 6 of the CMB24D for sale. Case, power supply, board, and 8 pigtails. I believe they are the HC style pigtails but not 100% for sure. I have used them for 4 seasons without issue and now I am upgrading to smart controllers. Once I upgrade my house, I will have a 7th one. Looking at $125 a pop. This includes shipping to the states. I can email pictures if needed.
  9. Mine is drawn inside of SE. I am still running S4 though. Click my youtube link shown below and you can see my animation screen in action. The down side is that you have to draw each bulb/node if you have pixels. Takes some time but makes it easy to view. All you do is design it, then export the channel config out. When you start a new song, just import the config and your animation follows you. I think you are normal lights so it should be easy to draw your setup. Also your animation will move over to S5 as I have already tested mine and it worked great. NOTE: Keep in mind that the location you draw the prop at, cannot be moved inside of the animation screen. So make sure you have your prop right where you want it. If you want to move it, you have to redraw it.
  10. Make sure to use end caps for the ones not in use. That way dirt and water will not get in.
  11. I have had great luck with HC lights and will always use them.
  12. Hi Scott, I use the HC dumb nodes for my singing tree's and buy all my connectors and lights from them. If you buy the pigtails from HC, then their light strands come with the same connector. No soldering is needed. If you buy LOR pigtails and HC lights, you will need to solder the pigtail to the light strand. HC also sells solder tubes, but you will need a heat gun to melt it. Well worth it.
  13. It's not as clear as the strips, but if you want something more manageable, then this is the way to go. I have ran both strips and pixels and I prefer the strips, but I like being able to handle the tree by myself. It still produces a really good picture though.
  14. Replace the strips with pixels. I went from 17ft down to 9ft when I did that. You can get pixels in 1", 1.5", 2", and 3" spacing.
  15. I have been lucky as mine are all v3. I would like to get a couple of their new controllers, but I hear they have off color issues with lights. So I guess I will pick up 2 more Alpha's.
  16. I always bring them in as soon as I get them and test. It's not hard to hook up a controller and 16 strips for testing. My dinning room is my prop building room year round. One of the perks of being single. But I do agree agree that the 60 day warranty bites! I am waiting for the pre-sale this season. I need 2 more controllers, nodes, and pixel net. All will come from Holidaycoro.
  17. I am 4 years in with my Alpha's and also 4 years with my strips and not a problem. knock on wood!!
  18. I don't have any issues with his products and will be buying more come the spring sale. I don't need a warranty because I know the strips are cheap and keep plenty of spares just in case. As I stated, they are so cheap to buy, it makes no sense to not have spares strips or nodes. The last batch of stuff I bought had a short warranty period, but he does offer a longer one if you want to purchase it. I think people in the hobby can afford to have a couple spares. If you cannot afford it, this is not your hobby. I used to keep spare controllers as well, but my Alphapix's are work horses, so I ended up putting the spares in my show. I do agree with Dennis about his return policy.. Holidaycoro could make it easier, but I also understand why it's done this way.
  19. They are so cheap that there is no reason to pick up spares. During the sale, you can get them for 8 bucks some times. If I need 16 strips, I buy 20. So really at this price, I can see why the short warranty period. He does offer a much longer warranty, but you have to pay for it.
  20. I have bought both dumb and smart strips and only had 1 failure out of 4 years of use. In fact, my house strips are still going strong and they are on the top of the house year round. I have 2 windows that now have a pixel out, but that was my fault. I dropped them. The 1 failure I had was rain getting into 1 smart strip and taking out most of the smart pixels. Holidaycoro did replace it. I did move over to nodes on my 2 trees and circles now and not one issue. I think it's just the luck of draw on getting a bad strip. Most come from China and they are cheap enough to have several spares on hand. I have even ordered custom sized strips for some of my props and no issues to date. Those are going on 2 seasons. All my lights are from Holidaycoro and I will continue to purchase from them. You cannot beat their sale in the beginning of the year. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. So order a few spares to be on the safe side.
  21. I found these on ebay... Maybe it will help?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/LIGHTORAMA-48-CHANNEL-CHRISTMAS-SEQUENCES-CHOOSE-FROM-13-DIFFERENT-SEQUENCES-/161336669752 https://www.ebay.com/itm/LIGHTORAMA-16-CHANNEL-CHRISTMAS-SEQUENCES-CHOOSE-FROM-13-DIFFERENT-SEQUENCES-/161336648690
  22. These are paid sequences, but they have a 30% off sale going on right now. https://www.holidaysequences.com/16-Ribbon-Pixel-Barry-Manilow-Jingle-Bells-p/16pix-bmjb.htm https://www.holidaysequences.com/16-Ribbon-Pixel-Michael-Smith-Jingle-Bells-p/16pix-msjb.htm
  23. Turn your PC volume down to 15% and then use the volume of your stereo at that point... I had the same issue and it drove me nuts trying to figure it out. It seems anything above 20% will distort the music from the transmitter. I settled on 15% as it seems to be the best. Radio station locator: https://radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/vacant?
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