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  1. OK, I think I follow now. Looks like I'll need to create a new prop for all of my "standard" unit lights at least one time, but then I'll have full viewing, correct? I managed to test a couple and it worked. So unliess there's a simple way to import them, I'll just do that. Thanks for the help.
  2. Apparently not enough. But yes, that's where I created the CCR tree prop, added effects, and saved to my existing sequence as PE Props. So I know the CCR tree is added. But I'd like to see how all the lights function together in a playback mode on my laptop. Hope that makes sense.
  3. Yes, I have my CCR tree added as a prop. I have already added effects for it and saved it to an existing sequence. I see the CCR tree in that sequence in the SE as a "track." But I don't know how to view the CCR tree in the view window of the SE, OR add my existing sequence to the PE. At this point I don't really care where or how I see it all, I'd just like to see that the timings are how I wanted. Know what I mean?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Sorry, but that's where I'm confused. If you mean the Visualizer program, I'm not sure how to add an existing sequence to that. When I go to open, none of my sequences are available, just the sample and test props. If you mean the View Animation tool in SE, I can't see the CCR props (but I can add and see floods). If PE is easier, are you saying I can add an existing sequence to that so I can then see my CCR tree plus my standard units?
  5. I'd like to be able to see my entire show in SE with both standard lights and RGB CCRs. Sounds like the Visualizer makes this possible. I've reviewed the Visualizer tutorial for S4 and I don't find it very helpful. Yes, I can set up a test animation and see the test prop run, but this does not make it clear how I can see my full show using an <existing> sequence. For example, I have a sequence saved with standard lights and CCRs added. I'm looking for steps on how I can see the CCRs and my standard lighting together?
  6. RGB Device Not Found

    Thanks. Was working on that now, but appreciate the confirmation. I had to toggle pin 12 on and reconnect to reset it to the new ID I set, assume that's normal. Not sure what you meant by the "jumpers" but after resetting the unit with pins set to a new ID, I was finally able to find all the units. Feel like I can start to do some sequence programming. Thanks to everyone that weighed in today, appreciate it.
  7. RGB Device Not Found

    Perfect example of issues I'm having: After things looked promising per my last reply, I tried a simple update to the unit ID (old = 1 and new = 6). I got the previously mentioned generic failure message that says to retry. I closed the HU and reopened it and my device is gone. When I refresh, 0 units found. LED is still solid. So I'm back to square one. Nothing is acting like it just did an hour ago. So what now, disconnect everything and reinstall the software, etc? I guess I'll need to contact LOR support sometime this week. Total bummer. Open to other ideas.
  8. RGB Device Not Found

    Thanks Jim and Mr. P. Yes, I've tried to change the ID of the RGB unit but it fails. I get a generic "unit ID change failed, retry" - is there a special way to make that change for RGB? I've tried the regular changing of ID as well as Old ID = 1 to new ID = 6, 9, or 4 and none seem to work. I have a solid red light, but I fail to find the device most times when I refresh. I'm swapping cables, rebooting, reinstalling, etc. Just seems very clunky at this point. If I could get some kind of consistent symptoms I might be able to move on. As I'm typing this, I was failing once again to detect the device. So I unplugged the device and cables and rebooted. Plugged in the device, connect to the usb port, opened hardware and got a steady LED. So now I should be able to find the device with a refresh...trying that now. OK, so that worked. 1 device found. Now I <should> be able to test the light in light console. OK, that worked, getting somewhere. As you suggested this is set to Unit 1. My other standard controllers are units 1, 2 and 3. Maybe that why it won't find all 4 devices. My attempts to update this Unit ID have failed so far, however, things were not "working" as they are at this moment. Before I try again, any recommendations on how you'd update it? Also, for Christmas I run 5 standard units, so I'd want to set this to 6 or higher just for consistency. Thanks again.
  9. COM / Port / 8002 Error

    Will see if I have that and give it a try. thanks
  10. General objective is to start adding RGB to my existing show this year: After some trial and error, my new RGB (red) adaptor is connected. Once I had it connected, I was able to find my new RGB controller and successfully control a test flood light. I then attempted to refresh the hardware to find 4 devices, 3 standard and the new RGB, using the daisy chain approach shown on LORs website. I was only able to find the 3 standard devise. So, after disconnecting and starting over, the hardware cannot find the RGB device as it did before even when it is the only connected device. No error messages, just "0 devices found" Any ideas how to connect both my standard and RBG controllers together? Thanks!
  11. COM / Port / 8002 Error

    Thanks Ducks. I did in fact try it per the instructions to start without success. It just turned out that the steps above are the last things I did prior to it actually working. Who knows if that's why or not. My current problem is the RGB controller that was connected just a few minutes ago failed to connect as a daisy chain with standard controllers. And now I have the RGB controller isolated again but it still won't connect, refreshing finds 0 units. Since this is a new or apparently separate issue from the 8802 error I'll likely create a SOS thread for that. But if you have advice on how to identify all my devices on one adapter like the daisy chain diagram I'll gladly take it.
  12. COM / Port / 8002 Error

    thanks for the last comment. I was finally able to see the new adaptor and used auto config to assign it to a different port., I can't say for sure why it finally worked, but it would seem to be 1. plugging into a different port, then 2. reinstalling the driver, and 3. running auto config. So now I have my new adapter on a new port and it connected to the RBG controller and lit a test flood light. So now I'm trying to refresh to ID my 3 standard units plus the new RGB and it will ONLY ID the 3 standard controllers, not the RGB. Maddening. Any ideas on that? I suppose I could next try to run both adapters, black for standard and red for RGB? But again, none of the LOR diagrams indicate that is normal or necessary.
  13. COM / Port / 8002 Error

    Just to further clarify, the Windows message I get is that my version is "not genuine" and it wants me to enter my product key, which I don't have since its an old work laptop. Maybe this is impacting my ability to install the drivers? I did open the device manager and the new adaptor is not recognized on any port, whereas the black one is recognized instantly.
  14. COM / Port / 8002 Error

    Thanks everyone. @k6ccc, to clarify on Windows, it's an old work computer. I receive frequent messages that my version windows needs to be renewed. I believe that's because it was part of a group/business license package and like you, assume it is not impacting my issues for now. I do have the most recent LOR software upgrade (4.3x) I noticed multiple references in this thread to running BOTH the black and the red adaptors. Is that my problem? I've been trying to REPLACE my black with the red. So I'm literally unplugging black and replacing it with Red in the same port and instantly receiving the error. I did however also try the red adaptor in 2 other ports with no luck. I noticed in the LOR diagram (for CCRs) that they only show 1 adaptor which appear to power a standard controller box that is then daisy chained to a RGB controller. Please let me know if running both black and red is required. Thanks!
  15. I'm a current LOR hobbyist running 80 channels for Christmas and around 40 for Halloween. Starting with RGB this year. To start, I wanted to connect my RGB Floods (8 units @ 10 watts). I have the new usb connector (RS-485, red one) and I installed the software from the CD included as well as downloaded from the website. Yet, I'm unable to successfully connect my new USB connector. I receive a COM and/or 8002 error the minute I open the hardware or attempt to refresh. Yet, I can go back to the current USB (black one) and the port works fine, no errors and I can refresh. This seems like a common issue and I've read several threads but none of the advice I've found seems to help. I've rebooted several times. I've tried it with only 1 unit connected via the Cat 5 (the error appears before I could attempt to connect that 1 unit anyway). I'm curious to know from someone that added RBG to their existing show if they had similar issues. Is the issue the com I'm attempting to use is "dedicated" to the older, black USB connector? I did try other ports without success. Note, I'm using a laptop that ~ 5 years old with Windows 7. I've used it to run my show for several years. My current version of windows is expired but I've never needed to upgrade it to run the show. I'm curious if this is interfering with the new drivers that I need for the RGB connection. But, if so: why does the old, non RGB setup run fine? And why do I not get driver errors, just com/port errors? I'm hesitant to pay $100 for Windows if its not going to help. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks! Jason