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  1. The Tapper Wizard is pretty effective if you don't like the timings that appear automatically.
  2. Well, can't believe I'm responding to this a year later, but don't like that I didn't "close the loop" on this. In case anyone else has the same question, it was nothing more than I need to enable "Control Lights" as Tony recommended. Thanks
  3. @Griswold - MS OneDrive folders are local for each machine connected to each other. They'll need internet connection to sync with each other, but not to run sequences. Works as Doug describes. I used to save my work like you on an external hard drive but I had the perfect storm last year. My laptop the was the primary was getting slower and more difficult in recent years (the main problem is that I was building and running everything off an old work laptop and I was unable to install many updates without an admin code that I didn't have). So I knew I needed to update my main machine. Unfortunately I couldn't successfully remove anything off the old laptop. Cloud, thumb drives, discs, etc, it just wouldn't let me save anything off the machine. No worries though, I had my external HD. Well, as luck would have it that bugger was a few year old itself and decided to crap out on me too. So while I had everything stored safely, I couldn't get to it. In short, I had to start from scratch. I had over 20 sequences for Christmas last year. Point being, I'm feeling better about having all of my worked synced on 2 machines with OneDrive. The only thing that it doesn't do that would be great for me at least is making changes while the show is running. I.E. you spot a mis-timed effect or wrong color and you want to make the change right away and see it. It still requires stopping the show and restarting it. Hope that helps.
  4. Thanks Mr. P. I'm wondering if there are some "favorites" out there in the forum, those with better setup and pole mounting design.
  5. Looking for recommendations for a good tree topper (star) for a 16 CCR tree. I see lots of products and reccos for a 360 degree tree, but this will be a flat CCR tree. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks Mr. P. Never hurts to try a reset I guess.
  7. ARRRGGGG. I simply went update all of RGB lights (bullets, ribbons, floods) from Dimming Curve = None to Dimming Curve = PixelCurve. After that, my floods won't work properly, they don't stay on or chase, transition, etc. They only flicker randomly. I then reset all floods back to none, still won't work. I then tried setting them to PixelCurve = 90%, still nothing. I've refreshed the com port multiple times. All other lights seem to work as expected. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks Doug. That's what I had in mind versus treating One Drive like a backup and constantly uploading/downloading for different machines. I'm not sure I'm ready to load up LOR at work. Kudos to you, that's next level stuff ; ) This should also be very helpful for quick edits I need to make for those subtle issues that only we see and want to correct immediately.
  9. Thanks again. That's helpful. And I just updated my profile with the software version.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Not sure I follow. Stop one drive sync while I'm making edits? That would make sense because there could be 2 machines referencing the same files.But I would also assume no change/impact until I save my changes to my liking, which would me turning off auto-save too. Or is that basically what you're saying?
  11. Any recommendations for colors that don't look the way they should? Use case: Selecting a pretty standard and clearly orange color (for Halloween), but the CCRs and bullets and floods all look closer to yellow/gold than orange. I realize this could be a matter of perception and preference, but I'm wondering if there is a setting that will "true up" the colors? Or is this simply trial and error on my part until I get the orange I want. Another example includes choosing purple but having it look too blue. Thanks!
  12. Is anyone using One Drive successfully as where the story the LOR folders? After losing my laptop AND backup hard drive this year, I'm using One Drive as my backup. But I also like the idea of being able to program new sequences while my show is running. If you are using it this way: - If your show is pulling sequences from One Drive, can you make edits from another machine, save to One Drive and then see the updates instantly while watching the show outside? Or do you have to disable/enable the show the to see the changes? Or even download and save on the show laptop? - Any concerns or lessons learned in doing this? Thanks!
  13. Using S5. I have 4 CCC II with 2 strings each. I will be wrapping the 8 strings around 8 shrubs and will want to control together as well as have chases and/or motion effects from end to end. What is the best practice for adding these as props? - Should I create 8 unit IDs or 4? (assume 4) - What shape should I use, none seem applicable (seems like lines-unconnected with 2 segments for each of the 4 units?) Thanks in advance.
  14. Guys, thanks so much. After rebooting I was able to make a few adjustments and get things going. Embarrassingly, the likely issue is that I didn't have all the SE props checked in my PE prop preview options. Hard to tell if that was the only thing, but I'm sure that was part of it. Thanks as always!
  15. Thanks. I'm working on setting up the 2nd network now. I have my 3 regular units set to Comm 3, Reg at 57k and the 2 RGB units on Aux at 500k Enhanced. Feels like I'm on the right track but getting the same results. Standard units working in SE and when show is enabled. Can't seem to get RGBs going. I still need to go into the PE and changes the props to the Aux secondary port and I'm hope it will work. I'm having some issues getting my show laptop rebooted to try that. If I still can't get it to work I'll jump back in and respond to the questions. Appreciate the help.
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