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  1. Upgrade to RGB

    Hi Jim - Thanks again for your time yesterday, appreciate the insight. I also looked at your videos which I really liked and represent why I'm looking to upgrade. If interested, here's a link to some videos I've uploaded to youtube. I don't have my own site yet, but maybe I'll do one this year. If you bounce around my youtube uploads you'll see some Halloween videos too. Thanks again.
  2. Upgrade to RGB

    Hello - I'm looking to incorporate or move 100% to RGB lighting for my show. I would love to pick the brain of someone that has already done this and learn from their experience. Please reply back if you're willing to connect for a quick phone call. Jason
  3. Mega Tree Lights

    Thank you all for the replies. Appreciate it.
  4. Mega Tree Lights

    The thing is, I like to run one station of lights up and then down so that 2 strands of my mega tree run off one station/unit number on my LOR. In the past I've connected 2 strands of lights that are 4" apart but this creates extra plugs and bundled wires at the top of the tree. So I'm looking for single 50' strands so I can hook the strand cleanly in the middle with no plugs or excess wires at the top. But anything I find that long comes in 6" bulb spacing.
  5. Mega Tree Lights

    What kind of lights do you like to you for your mega tree? I've been using traditional incandescent "stingers" but I'd like to move to 5 mm LEDs. I'm assuming they'll be brighter and tangle less with each other at the top. Does anyone know where I can find a 50' strand with LEDs that are only 4" apart? I can only find 6" apart. Other suggestions for me? Thanks
  6. Curious if anyone has successfully used Rope lighting or Ribbon lighting around their windows. I currently use standard led strands attached with zip ties in the corners. The lights always sag over time. I did the PVC thing but wasn't a fan. Looking for a cleaner look. I don't have deep/think edges around each window and my windows are vinyl, so there is about a 1" offset from the top (fixed) window to the bottom (sliding) window. Thanks!