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  1. As the title says, When I turn on my FM transmitter, My LED tv in the bedroom where I have the FM transmitter will have "Boxes" of the screen that freezes. My LCD computer monitor will completely shut off when FM transmitter is on and the monitor will not come back on until the FM transmitter is turned off. I only have one computer in the house to use for the LOR. The Transmitter is In my bedroom window and is roughly 3ft. from my computer monitor and roughly 11ft from my bedroom tv. Any ideas on what to do to try and correct this? I have the headphone jack cord pretty much stretched as far as I can stretch it.
  2. I have my LOR and lights setup due to nice weather a few weeks ago. On Monday I ran it for about 15mins to show it off to family briefly in town then turned it off. Everything was good. We had some pretty strong wind and rain last night and my LED lights that are plugged into channel 2 are glowing. I unplugged them and plugged a diffent set into 2 and same thing. plugged original lights into a different channel and they were completely off. I went into LOR to hardware settings everything tested ok but the lights plugged into channel 2 are still lightly glowing when I have the lights on that channel on zero. I am new to all of this, this is my first LOR. Any help or suggestions? Thanks
  3. I finally gave up and just scraped the whole thing and started over. Thank you Bob for attempting to help me I really appreciate it.
  4. I am new to all of this. (Only had it for 3 days. ) I have another sequence that I made and it shows everything that you have in your picture. the first sequence is what i posted a pic of. something happened tool bar was there and now it isn't. but my other sequence that I made for a different song istnormal it shows the toolbar and everything else
  5. Interesting. I ordered after the sale on 9-16, it was shipped next day 9-17 and recieved my complete order 9-22
  6. I know I hit a certain key or a combination of keys, but when I go to see what my lights will look like, I just have the quick drawing I did. my tool bar is gone. all of my other sequences have it still. Any way to get it back?
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