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  1. Bought it and returned it. If it loses power, it requires a manual power button push to turn on. If it retains power, it automatically turns of after 6 hours and automatically turns back on 18 hours after it turned off. When turned on, it automatically displays the holiday theme set it was last displaying when it turned off. It will store up to 10 messages that you enter/edit. It will not display multiple messages in rotation. You must manually select a different message, The keyboard has no period character! It will not automatically display the stored message(s) when it turns on. You cannot create any kind of “program”. Not that it matters for LOR users but it has no audio out jack.
  2. Well the fence project turned out pretty good. Here is a link to one (classic) song that shows about 20% of the fence. Of course it looks even better when your field of view covers more of the fence but that's difficult to capture on video. Thanks for the help! https://youtu.be/R7FZ-OzyWmU Neighbors are expecting bigger and better for next year
  3. Thanks Rainy. I had no idea this could be an issue. I'm in Missouri so it will be cold and often wet. The chain link has thick paint on it so I wonder if the risk is significantly reduced?
  4. Thanks. I have that covered. If there is nothing else I should be OK.
  5. Ah! So the timer in the diagram is switching power to ONLY the first controller (which supplies power to the director) and the additional controllers get continuous power. Got it. If I use a single extension cord (10 awg) to supply power to all 3 controllers, is there any reason I cannot put a timer at the origination point of the single extension cord?
  6. Thanks Phil. I still don't understand the setup as it relates to the mechanical timer? Can you explain?
  7. The ShowTime Central layout shown above is from the LOR web site (http://www1.lightorama.com/typical-setups/#ShowTime_Central). Question 1 - What do the green-dotted lines to the additional controllers (7) and (8) represent? Is it anything more than the special data cable that "only passes the data and not the power from other controllers"? Question 2 - If the green-dotted lines are data only, then additional controllers (7) and (8) must each be powered with 120v AC using the supplied plugs, right? Question 3 - If the mechanical timer (5) is used for the first controller (6), does that mean power is continuous to the additional controllers (7) and (8) or should you use one (or more) timers to control power to all controllers? Thanks, Tom
  8. Thanks! Unfortunately, that one seems questionable for outdoor use.
  9. No shortage of triples. Just wanting a double (adapter) and thought someone who's been doing this awhile might have a source.
  10. I've read numerous posts where people say they are using a "triple tap" adapter to plug the 2 cords coming from the CTB16PC into a single extension cord. It seems logical to use a double instead of a triple but I can't find any searcing the web. Does anyone have a source for an outdoor double tap adapter?
  11. The extension cord will cross at 22ft above street-level. Planning to use 10 awg extension cord to minimize voltage drop but I'll still need to measure/monitor it as we proceed. I like the idea of piano keys ... we'll give that some thought. 15,000 lights on 13 amps? That's encouraging! And thanks for the link to the calculator. "No fires" -- a good motto
  12. Thanks everyone. I will have a dedicated 20 amp circuit. I'll look at the linker, that could be very handy. CCRs or pixels would be ideal but, like a lot of newbs, the first year budget won't cover the cost of getting enough of them. I think we'll start with CTB16 x 2 (ShowTime Central + 1 controller) and various dumb LEDs. I'm hoping 32 channels will be enough to make it interesting if we use enough lights per channel -- like a 30 in snowflake or similar per channel. Feel free to tell me if you think it's a bad idea (and why).
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