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  1. Our 2016 Display - Disney Wishes Theme

    We've been asked how we made the fireworks. I added a couple pictures during the day while we were setting up. For the big fireworks on the roof, we used 2x4's for the framing. Frame work sits on the roof. It was not nailed down. We didn't want a leaky roof haha. Then fenced in a square where we zip tied the pvc conduit firework arms in place. the fence worked well because it gave us something to connect to that would still allow the wind to blow through. We also put a halogen light in the middle to give the firework explosion effect. For the Up fireworks by beside and behind the castle. We used Pixel tape strips / ribbons depending on what you call them. The strips are 16 feet long. We then zip tied them to rigid steel conduit. Two conduit sections for each one. 10ft each section for a total of 20 feet. With the remaining 4 feet that didn't have the lights, we had room to screw them into our wooden base to help them in place. We originally tried this with PVC conduit, but quickly determined that it was too flimsy so have to upgrade to steel.
  2. Here is a link to our display for 2016. Located in Lake View, NY Hope everyone likes it! Dennis
  3. I just upgraded the firmware to the latest. It was v1.06, upgraded to v1.08 and that did the trick! Thanks!
  4. Hello, i just made my sequences this year through the Pixel Editor. Unlike my previous way using the sequence editor. My problem now is getting them to work. I saved the intensity data into the sequence editor file. The pixels are working and are being control through this, but I can't get my CTB16PCg3 controllers to control. I have set up the in it ID's and channels in the prop correctly, and they do show up in the sequence editor when opening up the intensity file. I changed it to enhanced mode in the network preferences as well. But they don't work. Does anyone have any ideas to help? thank you!
  5. I'm just getting started with a big pixel project this year. Last year I only did 1 grid using pixel editor, which was pretty easy. This year, I am adding 5000 pixels. My challenge is inserting multiple props (a few grids, mega tree, roof line, smaller trees in yard) and finding the easiest way to sequence them all. I think Superstar may be the right place for this. I'm guessing I could insert each prop individually in pixel editor, but then trying to program them all separately will be tough. I've seen videos where pixels throughout the entire yard and house almost seem to be one big video. I am new to this whole pixel universe. Any advice or links to save me some time and effort would be much appreciated. I have the latest software for both pixel editor and superstar. I just don't know the best way to put it all together. Thanks, Dennis
  6. Bill, Can you please kindly send this to me as well. Much appreciated! Dennis_field1@yahoo.com
  7. Peanuts Mix

    James, Can you please kindly send this to me. Thanks! dennis_field1@yahoo.com
  8. Does anybody have the meaning of Christmas by Linus, or something along the real meaning of Christmas singing faces. If so can you please send it to me at dennis_field1@yahoo.com. (7 or 8 channel singing face) I have a few sequences I would be willing to trade if your interested. Send me a message. Thanks, Dennis
  9. Sarge, Could you please send me a copy of this when you can? dennis_field1@yahoo.com Thank you!
  10. Happy to share/trade my 32 ch sequences

    Frankie, I just sent Let it Go (from Frozen) to your email. Good Luck with it!
  11. Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars

    James, could you please send me the uptown funk sequence as well. I already have the faces, just looking for a head start on the rest of it. Thanks a million! Dennis dennis_field1@yahoo.com
  12. Has anyone made singing faces for the "Moves like Santa" parody song to Moves Like Jagger on downloaded from another user on here? If you have the singing faces to Moves like Jagger that may work as well. If anyone is willing to send me the singing faces, I will work on the sequencing to the song for you to add it to. My sequencing is 80 AC channels, and 24 RGB channels. will include 10 yard trees, 10 fence lights, 2 mega trees, 2 starbursts, 3 bushes, 1 porch, 6 house, strobe lights, and 8 RGB's for the house, and 16 RGB's for singing faces. Thanks! dennis_field1@yahoo.com
  13. Uptown Funk Singing Faces

    Dave, Can you please send me this as well? Thank you kindly! Dennis dennis_field1@yahoo.com
  14. Moves Like Santa, Singing faces, Or Happy Sequence

    If anyone has the singing faces for Moves Like Santa, I would be very appreciative as well. Thank you! dennis_field1@yahoo.com
  15. CMB16D power output 5v?

    Oh, I understand now. I read that I needed 12v power. But that's just thru the aux input to power the board. Makes perfect sense now! Thanks for your help. I appreciate it! Out of curiousity, in your picture what are the little blue boxes that you have 4 sets of nine lines up? Thanks