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  1. Hey guys so i made my mega tree with red, green, blue, and white and i was planning on doing a spiral tree on my mega tree that would be pink and purple. I started wrapping the spiral strands around my mega tree and thats when the problems occurred. My mega tree was no longer looking like a tree and looking like a closed umbrella. The top was getting pulled in and wasn't looking good. How can i fix this? I really want to avoid re-doing the mega tree as all my controllers and lights are hooked up and staked to the ground. Help please...!!!
  2. In Nj I started setting up yesterday for Christmas and it was 68 and I loved it compared to the 20's and 30's we get later closer to late December.
  3. Hey guys, does anyone have any ideas how I can record my voice for the display between songs? For example after a song, I'll explain the display and tell the visitors not to block my neighbors driveways etc. how can I do this? Let me know any ideas you guys have or how you do it
  4. Hey guys. If I start putting up the lights in my 25 foot trees with my cherry picker around October 15, do you guys think they will last until christmas? Brand new LEDS. I bought about 30,000 more lights during the holiday sale and need to start earlier then last year. Please let me know what you think and if all of your lights last until the holidays if you start setting up early. Thank!
  5. How do you guys put strobes on your mega tree? Do u hang them down the middle of the metal pole or wrap it on the outside of the lights? Also how far apart from each other and how many strobes is a good number for a 10 foot mega tree?
  6. Hey guys, what's best way for me to make a Tune to Sign cheap and that will POP! Something that's easy. Let me know and Id love to see photos of yours if you have any of your tune to sign. Thanks.
  7. I just bought 64 channel package from wow lights. I did all my programming on a free version the last 6 months. But when I try to make it work the controller it says "the serial port (comm1) assigned to LOR has a problem. You may need to select another port) what's does that mean!?? Would someone be able to totally walk me through the whole steps in setting up? Yes I tried reading instruction and tried as they said. Please help
  8. Regular mega trees IMO are very much so NOT boring. I also have 2 regular mega trees in my display and I love them. And making a spiral tree over the mega tree is so much easier I believe because the lights going up and down hold the spiral strands in place perfectly.
  9. My mega tree is both a regular mega tree and a spiral tree.
  10. Will my display start buy itself if I have a time for example (start at 4:30 and end at 11) will it do that?
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys. Keep giving me ideas of you haven't and I'll try to incorporate all of them to make a solid structure for this years 12 foot mega tree.
  12. Hey guys, so I recently ordered the Whole house fm transmitter from Wowlights, but before I even got it, I already want to send it back when it comes (which should he on Tuesday) I've seen so many people having issues and I don't think it will do the job for me. What are good Fm transmitters that I should look into purchasing ASAP? I want to buy the Eclipse 4000 but it is out of stock...
  13. Anyone have a good way of mounting your mega tree lights to the ground? I'm not using a stand for the lights. Just connecting them to the ground. Also if you have a photo of yours to demonstrate, I would appreciate it.
  14. Hey guys, need advise... If I order 64 more channels from light o Rama tomorrow, do you think it will be here before November? If so how long do you think it will take. I'm located in New Jersey right near NYC. Thanks guys.
  15. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cover my controllers from rain, snow, sleet, etc?
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