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  1. Thank you Pat looking to check this out tonight ! Did you get baby its cold outside also? would love a copy of this also if avail? thanks again aiellochris81@gmail.com
  2. snow miser talking faces

    James can I have a copy too if possible? Thanks man ! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  3. I would love copies of this too if still sharing ? Thanks guys aiellochris81@gmail.com
  4. brian setzer -jingle bells

    Merry christmas everyone ! I was just wondering if anyone has Brian Setzer sequence with faces avail to share? Thank you aiellochris81@gmail.com
  5. Looking for Hallelujah - Pentatonix

    thank you james!
  6. I would love a copy too if still sharing? Thanks again aiellochris81@gmail.com
  7. Bruce Springstein - Santa is Coming to Town

    Thanks again James! I appreciate all the sharing you do !
  8. Now Sharing ~ Sleigh Ride ~ Pentatonix singing faces

    i would love a copy to if still sharing? thanks in advance aiellochris81@gmail.com
  9. Bruce Springstein - Santa is Coming to Town

    james i think you may have tried to send this but for some reason it didn't come through, is it possible to send again? thanks again aiellochris81@gmail.com
  10. Christmas Vacation By Mavis

    James did you ever find faces for this ? I haven’t been able too. If you have would you share ? Thanks in advance !! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  11. Now Sharing ~ Dominic the Donkey singing faces

    Oh man I have wanted this one for a few years now ! Awesome ! Please share ! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  12. Now Sharing ~ Shiny ~ Moana singing faces

    Hi ! Could I please get a copy of this too ? thanks again for always sharing ! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  13. Santa and I Know It Faces

    Hi James , can I get a copy too ? Thanks again ! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  14. Could I please get a copy of this if still sharing .thank you in advance! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  15. could I also please get a copy? thanks aiellochris81@gmail.com
  16. Temptation Silent Night Faces & Pixel

    Hi james , could I trouble you for a copy? Thanks again for sharing ! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  17. Let It Snow

    I would love a copy if still sharing ? thanks aiellochris81@gmail.com

    Hey everyone , I was just wondering if anyone has a good monster mash sequence? I had one but broke the golden rule of not backing my stuff up ,stupid me !I lost most of my halloween stuff with singing faces due to a laptop malfunction .lol any help would be awesome ! aiellochris81@gmail.com Thanks a lot guys/gals ! i won't make that mistake again !
  19. looking for nightmare before christmas "whats this?" and if anyone has singing faces with it thats even better! any help with this would be great! i really appreciate it ! thanks aiellochris81@gmail.com
  20. Another Halloween item

    Wow pretty cool , I like it !
  21. Creep by RadioHead

    Hi James ! I would love a copy too if your still sharing . Thanks again ! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  22. Now Sharing ~ Sleigh Ride ~ Pentatonix singing faces

    Hey man thanks for sharing , is it possible to get a copy of this ? aiellochris81@gmail.com thank you !
  23. Does anyone have "baby its cold outside" from the movie Elf with Zoey Deschanel sequenced? I think this would be a great addition to my display this year . singing faces would be a bonus ! Wide would love it to lol maybe she will let me off for spending so much time in the basement playing with lights !! Thank you ! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  24. I would love a copy too if still sharing ? thanks in advance guys! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  25. Halloween Preview

    awesome , looks great!