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  1. looking for nightmare before christmas "whats this?" and if anyone has singing faces with it thats even better! any help with this would be great! i really appreciate it ! thanks aiellochris81@gmail.com
  2. Does anyone have "baby its cold outside" from the movie Elf with Zoey Deschanel sequenced? I think this would be a great addition to my display this year . singing faces would be a bonus ! Wide would love it to lol maybe she will let me off for spending so much time in the basement playing with lights !! Thank you ! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  3. I would love a copy too if still sharing ? thanks in advance guys! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  4. Halloween Preview

    awesome , looks great!
  5. The Walking Dead Theme Song

    james if your still sharing can I have a copy of this please? Thanks again man ! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  6. Now Sharing Spooky Scary Skeletons ~ singing faces

    Is it possible to get a copy of this ? aiellochris81@gmail.com thank you !!
  7. Dominick the Donkey

    I would love a copy too if still sharing . aiellochris81@gmail.com thank you
  8. Hey everyone I was just wondering if anyone has "mele kalikimaka" sequence? Its a oldie but reminds me of my favorite christmas movie ! thanks ! aiellochris81@gmail.com
  9. hey guys how's it going ? I was just wondering if anybody has the christmas vacation song as a sequence ? or anything for national lampoons christmas vacation. I do have one sequence from Sarge that he was happy to share with me and everyone else thanks again everyone !
  10. Amazing old school Christmas display

    That's awesome!
  11. Bruce Springstein - Santa is Coming to Town

    James I would like a copy also if your still sharing ? aiellochris81@gmail.com thanks again chris
  12. First video of my first display

    great job !
  13. Up for grabs....Michael Buble - Cold December Night

    i would love a copy if your still sharing ! thank you aiellochris81@gmail.com
  14. Does anyone have "baby its cold outside" ELF

    would you be willing to share ? would love to check it out thanks aiellochris81@gmail.com
  15. Looking for Home Alone Sequence!!!

    Thank you !
  16. Does anyone have "mele kalikimaka" sequence?

    Thanks again sarge your the best !
  17. Does anyone have "baby its cold outside" ELF

    nobody ? ? Bump for Santa baby ?
  18. Looking for Home Alone Sequence!!!

    I would love a copy too if still sharing ? thanks aiellochris81@gmail.com
  19. play back issues ???

    Hey guys having some weird problems while in editor . When I play back a sequence in editor it starts off normal playback then after 30-60 seconds the sequence just stops it self for no reason. First I though it was a audio problem but I have converted all of my files using audacity . I don't understand it .Any help would be great ! thanks,Chris
  20. Best night ever !!

    So I stumbled across a guy that stopped doing his light show last year a few towns over and just out of curiosity asked him if he had any controllers left over that he hasn't sold yet or wanted to sell . He said he had 5 LOR controllers and 2 -8 channel archs left . Went tonight to check them out . How much do you guys think I paid ?
  21. 16 or 32 channel Dominic the Donkey

    Chuck is that one in your shared folder too ? thanks , chris
  22. could i please get a copy if your still sharing? thanks alot ! chris aiellochris81@gmail.com
  23. Best night ever !!

    Now I have 8 controllers and only a few weeks away from lights on . I think I will have to wait till next season to add channels maybe I will just add a couple arches this year and prepare good for next year
  24. Best night ever !!

    Oh and 2 high speed USB 485's and mega tree kit with topper lol I wasn't that lucky but almost ! $ 200.00 the 5 controllers are the commercial grade ones i thought it was a great deal !