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  1. BluMan

    War Pigs Sabbath Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    How can I resist? I have the biggest show because of you and jr's faces. Can't thank you guys enough cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  2. BluMan

    Sharing HandClap faces and beats.

    would love a copy as well if your still sharing. Thanks in advance! cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  3. hmm, another one I didn't seem to see. Weird. Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  4. BluMan

    Bark At The Moon Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    Oh heck yeah! Please and Thanks! cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  5. BluMan

    Josh Groban Belive Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    Alrighty! Please cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  6. Sure why not! Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  7. Man the 80's is the genre of music I still listen to to this day! Awesome song! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Makes me want to do Tainted Love.....hmm
  8. Oh wow! One of my families favorite artists! Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  9. BluMan

    Woolly Bully Lms Pixel Faces Matrix

    Well that's a classic... cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks in advance!
  10. BluMan

    Wrong Side Of Heaven Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    Sure! Sounds great! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  11. Yet another for my collection! Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  12. BluMan

    Lunatic Fringe Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    Oh is this the one from Red Rider? The song name didn't ring a bell but the hearing the song sure does! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  13. My Nephew loves Imagine Dragons so I have to get this one as well. Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  14. if you took the time to make it, then it has to be good enough for my show! haha! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks thanks!!
  15. With my strange sense of humor, I really liked it.
  16. BluMan

    Halloween Blue's Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    I don't know it, but from you guys, it's always good! Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  17. Would like the pixel and matrix to go along with the singing faces. Thanks! cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  18. BluMan

    Love Potion #9 Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    sounds good to me! cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  19. Ahh brings me to Xanadu! Cheesy movie but I liked it! Would like this one as well. cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  20. BluMan

    Grease The Movie Mix Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    Nice! Grease is the word! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Please and thank you!
  21. BluMan

    Need Help configuring PixCon16

    I'm not here to ruffle feathers but if you can't save the configuration and then turn off the board and have it remember what the settings were, then that's a problem. Are you going to leave power to the board for the entire time between shows? Having to reconfigure the board every time you power it on would not be a solution in my book but like I said, I'll let things lie. Ultimately, I'm glad you got the lights to work!
  22. 16x50 Pixel tree. Cherry Poppin Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot. Thanks to James Morris for giving me some of the animations! No selling please.
  23. BluMan

    Drowing Pool Bodies Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    uhm please. cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  24. BluMan

    Snowman Mix

    wow! What an awesome mix! I would love a copy! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!!
  25. BluMan

    Smokin Boston Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    hmm, I don't have the matrix of this one. cswisher@kmwperformance.com