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  1. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    No, the reason he was asking is you can hook the pixcon to your router and your computer to the router and you'd have internet access and could still talk to the pixcon since it's IP based.
  2. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    Well, that's always a possibility.
  3. Sandman Metallica Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    One of my personal favorite songs! Yes please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  4. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    I tried mine this morning and I was able to configure it. The only thing that's different is mine says V2.0.8 and yours says V2.0.9. Did you by chance try to upgrade the firmware? Since the firmware is not available on the firmware page anymore, my guess is you didn't. Wonder why my brand new one with a different firmware is working and yours isn't. I mean I just opened the box this morning. Can someone from LOR confirm that 2.0.9 is a valid firmware for a PixCon 16? The fact that you can ping it tells me that your computer can at least see it and it's asking the board essentially "Are you there?" and the board is responding with a "Yes". I hate to ask for more screen shots but can you grab a screenie of your network properties where you set the IP address to the Ethernet on your computer?
  5. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    I'm running an older board PixCon16 than you. Luckily, I was able to get the same one as you during the spring sale. I'll hook it up tomorrow and see if I get the same problem with the same card as you.
  6. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    I'll have to take a look at this tomorrow unless someone else can help...dinner time!
  7. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    post another doc with the errors like you did before. we have to be close.
  8. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    1) there is a computer screen down by your clock. Right mouse click that select "Open Network & Internet Settings" 2) In the Settings window, click on "Change adapter options" in the middle of the screen. 3)In the Network Connections window, right mouse click your ethernet and select Properties. 4) In the Ethernet Properties window, select "Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and click properties. 5) Change the Radio button from "Obtain and IP address automatically" to "Use the following IP address". IP address: Subnet mask: Default Gateway: 6) Change the radio button from "Obtain DNS server address automatically" to "Use the following DNS server addresses" Preferred DNS : Alt DNS : 7) Click Ok and close all windows. Then try again.
  9. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    it shows your problem very clearly on the third screenshot of the document you posted.
  10. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    Your on the right track k6ccc. What's happening is when you unplug the ethernet from your system, because your DHCP, your computer can't grab an IP so its defaulting to (an IP range that gets assigned by default when a network card can't get an IP). You need to go into network setting and hard code the IP address of the computer. Get it off DHCP.
  11. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    ok, lets now take a look at the card. Mine is solid green light with a steadily blinking red light. There are three jumpers just above the jacks that on top of each other and all three of those pegs are on the LOR side, not ESTA. You seeing the same thing?
  12. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    Well of course mine comes right up and let's me configure it. Im using 4.3.24 on my show computer. Let me update it to the lastest version and see what I get. Now, where mine is different is I use Wifi to connect to the internet and my home network but I use my ethernet jack on my laptop just for LOR. I'm guessing your removing the cable from your computer and plugging a new cable from the pixcon straight into your computer's ethernet jack?
  13. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    Ok good, you have an Ip of so you are on the same subnet as the pixcon. I will now have to hook mine up to 1) see if I can get mine to work or 2) see the same problem and hopefully tell you how to get around it. Will be a bit.
  14. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    no space between the "/" and the word "all"
  15. Need Help configuring PixCon16

    ok, let's get a list of IP's that's on your machine. here's how to do that. 1) Hold down the Windows key (has a windows symbol on it) and type "R" 2) When the run command window comes up, type "cmd" and hit enter 3) In the big black command prompt window type "ipconfig /all" and hit enter 4) Scroll the window up and then right mouse click on the title bar and select Edit>Mark and highlight the entire window in white. (the window will auto scroll as you move down) 5) Once you have the entire window highlighted, right mouse click and the white will go away. You just copied that text to your clipboard. 6) Reply to the this thread and paste the information in the reply box (Control + V)