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  1. Pixcon 16 HELP

    Download the latest LOR version (4.3.24) I believe as .18 had a problem with the network utility that's been fixed in the newest version. From what you typed, you have everything in place to be successful. If you're running LOR, then you'll need the adaptor as it runs a different protocol than e1.31. You didn't mention that you are trying to use it but in LOR mode, it's required.
  2. Free Sequences for download

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Would love to have a copy. cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks in advance!
  4. Temptation Silent Night Faces & Pixel

    Sounds awesome to me! cswisher@kmwperformance.com thanks!
  5. I would love a copy. cswisher@kmwperformance.com thanks!
  6. Grinch Faces and Pixel

    Oh yeah! Classic! Would love to have it. cswisher@kmwperformance.com
  7. Whoville Medley Short Ver TSO Faces & Pixel

    I would love a copy as well. I love anything you guys come up with. cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  8. Pixcon16 set up

    Ok, I have installed 4.3.24 and tried to use the network configuration tool. I was successful in talking to my Pixcon16. Let me tell you my setup just in case you might have missed something (although it doesn't appear that you did): Laptop ethernet port configured manually to be Pixcon IP address is Plugged a Cat5 cable from the ethernet port of the laptop straight into the silver port on the Pixcon16. Powered up the Pixcon16 Red light never stops flashing Opened hardware configuration tool and did a search for the pixcon16. Found it and I double clicked on the white box (think it was the 2nd column) and the program opened another window (I think this is where you're having problems).
  9. Pixcon16 set up

    I have a pixcon16 and to tell you the truth, I haven't tried to configure it with the newest software. I will try that and see what I get.
  10. Pixcon16 set up

    There are some jumpers on the board where you set the protocol to E1.31 or to ELOR. Which one do you have set? Do you have the ethernet cable plugged into the silver port? The one that faces away from the board? This is the one you need to use to configure. If you plan on using the red RS485 adapter, then that tells me you plan on using it in ELOR mode. Make sure those jumpers are set correctly. The default for the board is Does your computer also have an address that starts with 192?? If not, you won't be able to talk to it. As far the program not opening, I'm hoping making sure the correct network being connected works.
  11. Pixcon16

    Also understand that the Pixcon16 has an IP address by default that might not match your IP scheme in your house. If you're using lets say, Comcast, then the IP's start with a 10.x.x.x Pixcon's IP start with a 192.x.x.x These two networks can't talk to one another. How do you fix that? You manually add a 192.x.x.x address to your network card on your computer. By doing that, you'll be able to talk to the card (IMPORTANT: THROUGH THE ETHERNET PORT! NOT THROUGH THE USB485 ADAPTER) and configure it. I have a laptop that I simply use an Ethernet cable and go from it's Ethernet port directly to the Pixcon16 and configure it. When you run it in the show, that's when you'll use the USB485 adapter. Welcome to networking my friend. We are here to help!
  12. And since we are also talking about importing GIFS as animations, how come no matter what image you select in the drop down list, it always just loads the next one in the list. For example, the gif I'm working on has 8 images but image 7 is actually the first image, so when I pick which image to load (7), it loads image 1 instead. Then, when I try to load the next image (8), it automatically picks image 2 (the next one sequentially in the list). Is this broken?
  13. I'm trying to create a new Superstar Sequence and save it but when I do, I get "The original file name was a standard .sup file. Your Superstar license level does not allow you to save this sequence to a standard .sup file." So I have to save it in a .supe file (encrypted). I have a 24 CCR license. Just trying to use the damn thing to import a GIF file and since it's not right (have to use the LARGE grid), I can't save it. I closed everything down and re-registered the software but am having the same problem. Then, when I do save it as encrypted, I pull it up and there is nothing in the file. I find this frustrating in the least since I'm just trying to do one thing and I can't because the program is now giving me fits. What the hell am I doing wrong? You see those little boxes on line 1 (track,or whatever they call it)? When I open the file back up, they are gone! ?!?!
  14. Whoa! I forgot about this one. Would love a copy cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  15. Need Coro Singing Tree Visualizer File

    Since I'm ordering my singing trees and faces this week, can I get a copy as well? Thanks! cswisher@kmwperformance.com