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  1. I would love to see what you've come up with. cswisher@kmwperformance.com Please and thanks!
  2. This would be good. Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  3. Definitely good to know. I just couldn't pay that much shipping for $4 in items so I just kept adding that same part to the cart until the shipping went up and I got 4 packages of them for the same shipping cost. I may have spent a little more money but paying $15 shipping for $16 of goods, at least for me, made it feel a bit better. I didn't need 4 packages of them but with things like this, and me owning 3 pixcon's, having extra never hurts. But, I will be using Orville's method from here on out.
  4. Oh heck yes! Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!!!
  5. I don't have any of this one but it seems really popular. Can I also have a copy? cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  6. Nice $15 shipping for a $4 item.... Anyone heard of bubble mailers? Like $3 to ship something in those.....
  7. Exactly what I was looking for...thank you!!
  8. I saw on here where someone was needed some replacement 4 pole screw terminals for the pixcon16. I need some as well. Can anyone tell me how to order them from here?
  9. it is? I didn't see it by itself...only with the complete trees. I'll have to look again.
  10. No Pixcon's on sale for me means I won't be buying anything this time. Sad...had this money sitting here for one.
  11. Sounds great to me! Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com THanks!
  12. Ok, guess I need to ask....who makes the song? I bought the song from amazon (Fifth Harmony) but I don't think it's the same song you used.
  13. Good for Halloween! Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  14. Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks again!
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