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  1. Sounds great! Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  2. I would love a copy as well. cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  3. That is exactly what you need to do. You need a fixed IP address on the board and one on your computer that can talk to it (example: Board= Computer=, both of them need a Subnet Mask) Take a Ethernet cable and plug one end into the metal Jack on the board and the other end to the Ethernet Jack on the computer. Start up the Network Utility and click on "Find Pixcon16", if the IP addresses are correct, the computer will see the card. Click on the card to configure it and on the Third tab, there is an Update Firmware button. Choose the CORRECT firmware and update. Should work without issue.
  4. I'm going to ask but I don't know if you know the answer. Are you running Windows 10 S?
  5. The firmware update fixed the issue for me. The red lights blinks now when it's supposed to. What a relief! The guy at the Help Desk that sent me the firmware said he had a thought stuck in the back of his mind that this exact problem had been seen before. Huge Kudos to that guy!! His intuition and gut lead him to the correct answer for me. SeeDaLights, if your having the EXACT same issue as I was, then contact the HD and have them send you the same file they sent me. I would send it but then would feel absolutely awful if what I sent you bricked your Pixcon. Hopefully you understand. Let me know how your firmware upgrade goes!
  6. They sent me a firmware update as well although mine is different than yours. Mine is named "Pixcon 16 MKII Firmware Pix 16 Assistant-V2.0.13.hex" I'll let you know how it works.
  7. I just tried that and it doesn't make a difference if it's terminated or not. The ONLY way the card becomes responsive is if I plug the configuration Ethernet cable into the card and my computer. Once I do that, I can unplug the configuration cable from my computer and the card will continue to work as normal UNTIL it is powered down. Once it's powered up the initial time, the card is unresponsive until I do what I need to do. So, I've narrowed it down a bit.
  8. Interesting...I'll look in the manual to see if they mention anything about that. I'll also look in the manual for the pixie's to see if that's different. Thanks!
  9. Here is the first two screens of the configuration
  10. Well, I guess since no knows what to do, I'll open a help desk ticket on a somewhat defective Pixcon card. Thanks everyone for the input.
  11. Little ZZ happening cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  12. I've went ahead and posted the video here so anyone can see it. What it shows is that the board is non-responsive until after the network configuration cable is plugged into the computer. This is not how it should work.
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