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  1. Jim, that is prefect, can you send here: usmcinfl@mailinator.com
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has some short "filler" sequences for a 12 Pixel CCR tree. I have a couple of shows, but I'd like to fill the time in between with "mini" shows. Just like a green tree with twinkling lights or scrolling text like Merry Christmas. Tune to 101.1, etc I figure this would be easy with SuperStar, but for what I need it for, I have a hard time justifying it. If anyone is willing to throw some quick "filler sequences" let me know.
  3. I wanted to ask about the use of (dumb) LED string lights that I would get from big box retailers in their LOR displays. Am I largely limited to just ON and OFF? or can dimming and quick strobes be used? I know that this has likely been asked and answered but I couldn't find a thread from the search. Also, I realize that if it is possible, it may be supported better on a certain brand/type of string LED so any insight would be helpful.
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