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  1. If I researched this correctly, you cannot merge multiple Pixel Editor intensity files? Any plans to make this possible? Thanks.
  2. I am working on adding some HolidayCoro DMX props (pixel and dumb RGB) to my show. Will include (assuming I get it figured out in time) 16 pixel ribbons for the house outline, 8 pixel Candy Canes and 8 dumb RGB Mini Christmas Trees. May add another 16 Tomato Cage Christmas Trees. I just came across the LOR Pixel Editor this week. Had forgot it was in my Pro license. Trying to figure out how to use it to get my show ready. Am pretty much lost so far going through the tutorials and PDFs I have looked at. Hoping it clicks soon.
  3. DevMike, What causes the "bootloader" issue? I have had it happen to me twice on the same controller this year. 12 CCR tree on two 500 enhanced networks. Controller in question is the 12th ribbon. Everything had been running fine, then poof. Pixels on that controller were lit all white. Power off and on, still lit. Controller had already been updated to 1.19? Redid the firmware. Ran fine for a few days, then round two, poof. Thanks. Ken
  4. Update: Got the lag problem cured, but had a "sticky pixel" issue. Some pixels might stay lit after a show. Only powering the controllers off/on reset them. Ran a variety of diagnostic steps. I was using the G3-MP3 for the show which limited the the high speed network to one network. I ordered the parts to use a laptop and went that direction. Setup an enhanced Aux B network for ribbons 7-12. Implemented the laptop for running shows and sticky pixel issue is history. No lag. Less hassle for managing shows.
  5. This may sound cheesy, but if you are only needing to change the shows due to it getting dark earlier, you could always fudge by changing the MP3 clock time to adjust the schedule start time?
  6. I had intermittent issues with the MP3 allowing access to the second network on the Hardware Utility. I was attempting to build shows where some used the second network and others did not. It turns out that the first show in the build influences the access to the second network. If the first show did not use the second network, the second network would be grayed out, even if other shows in line needed it. If I put the first show in that used the second network, the second network would not be grayed out and could be defined.
  7. oilmoney, thanks for your response. I think I have the lag issue under control. When I went to the AUX A Network, I was still trying to use the Simple Show Builder to create a show, which caused a "no events found issue." Turns out Simple Show Builder can only see/use one network. Working this issue, I tried the Hardware Utility (HU) to build the shows. HU allowed the AUX A network to be defined at 500K and Enhanced. The Enhanced setting allowed using Intensity exports, rather than Legacy. I used SuperStar to export the files via Intensity, rather than Legacy and improve the throughput. The CCR Tree shows run great, with no lag issue on the Aux A Enhanced network. Yeah!
  8. The "No events found" issue has been resolved. Simple Show Builder (SSB) only recognizes one network, I had gone to a second network (AUX A) for my 12 CCR Tree to address the lag problem. The shows I attempted to build with only CCR Tree files were defined to the AUX A network and not seen by SSB, thus "no events found." Chasing the issue, I used the Hardware Utility (HU) to build a show. HU allowed the second network to be used and set at 500K and enhanced. I was able to export the files from SuperStar using Intensity rather than Legacy, helping the lag issue. End results, show built successfully to the SD Card and runs great with no lag. Yeah!
  9. I built a new 12 CCR Tree for this year's show. I had a significant lag on several shows, maybe two seconds or more. I researched the Forum for solutions and have implemented some. Some songs are in sink now, but at least one (Wizards in Winter) is not. A couple of others' lights quit mid-show. Some seem to skip or drop some segments. I remember seeing something a few months back about "nudging" or delaying the audio file to get things in din My test environment is running only the 12 CCR Tree (CR150D's.) I use the LOR1602Wg3-MP3 to play the shows. The CCR Tree is 100' from the MP3 and connected with a Cat6 cable. Am using the Aux channel for the CCR tree. I use an LOR800Wg3 for the 6 channel star. I updated all the firmware and software. I updated the Network Configuration for AUX A to 500K and Enhanced. Primary is 115.4K, although noting is active on it for this test. I exported the SS files with the Legacy option and tried again. My changes improved some shows, but not all. I tried exporting using the Intensity option, but when I try to play them, I only get audio. Looking at the SD Card files, audio looks normal size, but others are only 1K. I really like the Intensity concept the shows start quicker and smoother. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Merry Christmas, Y'all. Have been working on a lag problem with my new 12 CCR Tree. I have some sequences that I have loaded and played successfully using the LOR Simple Show Builder. Now, when trying to make a new SD Card, on a few I am getting the error message "There were no events found." Not sure what I did to mess this up, but am open to suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help. Will do another post on the lag challenge.
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